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Mass Effect Continuation

Jan. 21, 2011; By Jenner David Cauton

Mass Effect 3 is almost here, and I'm very excited.  I'm also have a few worries about the continuation system they have going with the previous games.  I'm probably crazy, after all, what's not to like?  Shooting, RPG stuff, and a great storyline.  And that's exactly the problem, the storyline is good.  Too good.  Naturally, you're going to be attached to your character, and make each and every decision carefully,...

Ashamed to be a PC Gamer these days.

Oct. 13, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton

Like I mentioned in the Top Shot Elite article, I really love my mouse.  Call of Duty 4:  MW was my PC shooter of choice.  After I got my Xbox 360, I was really pondering on whether or not to get Modern Warfare 2 on the PC or 360.  So I ended up borrowing a co-worker's MW for the 360.  I quickly got used to it.  (Yes, I played online, not just the campaign.)  I can safely say that I am quite comfortable...

APB - A Third Look/Aftermath

Aug. 18, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton

As if I didn't talk about this game enough already.  With the recent news of RTW dwindling down from a team of hard working people to a small group of clueless employees no doubt thinking just what the @#$! went wrong, it's definitely no surprise people are in a stir.  I sure am, because I'm tired of writing negative thoughts on an otherwise great game.  Despite the doubt, RealTime Worlds IS working on the game, make no mistake...

My review breakdowns.

Jul. 20, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton

Everyone at OMGN reviews games differently.  I break it down at the end, and give an average rating based on all the different elements, as well as mention misceallenous tidbits that weren't mentioned earlier.  So if anyone who wants to know how I do mine, here you go. Presentation How the game presents itself in terms of style, or how well on target the end product is as it was advertised to be.  Use of cutscenes, liscensing,...

APB - Restraining Order

Jul. 18, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton

This can be the icing of the cake for many; the game's atrocious performance restraints. You can have a system that just destroys the game's recommended system requirements, but if you have a 32-bit Windows, the game will look like somebody pissed all over your hardware. If the game detects that you are running a 32-bit operating system, the game will activate files that purposely degrades many of the games textures, even if you raise the...

APB - A Second Look

Jul. 18, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton

If you found this article, you may be wondering why I'm reviewing it again.  This isn't a review per se, but an in depth look at the flaws of APB, and possibly why many reviews give this game such a low score.  While I probably won't do this for every game I review the details mentioned here can really cripple almost all the aspects of the game.  Read on before you take the plunge. A common debate in various forums and in-game in...

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