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JCXanirus's Blog; Jul. 20, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton
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Everyone at OMGN reviews games differently.  I break it down at the end, and give an average rating based on all the different elements, as well as mention misceallenous tidbits that weren't mentioned earlier.  So if anyone who wants to know how I do mine, here you go.


How the game presents itself in terms of style, or how well on target the end product is as it was advertised to be.  Use of cutscenes, liscensing, gameplay options etc. are also considered.


Most games have a story, and good writers can determine whether it's an edge on your seat epic, or a snoozer.  For games with any kind of single player content, story is pretty important, as it's pretty much needed to give any feeling of the world the player is in.  It's not so important in multiplayer games, especially MMO's, as it's kind of hard to break the action to tell a story when you have many others online at the same time.  For these games, I'll be more lenient.  Some games make it obviously clear that any kind of story at all was not their intent or is not really needed.  (Puzzle games.)    In this case, I will give the game an N/A and ignore it from overall rating.  Basically, if a game attempts to have any story at all, I'll grade it based on the length and type of game it's supposed to be.


Definetly not as important as gameplay but shouldn't be avoided altogether.  Many games have different graphical styles on purpose, so I find it important to consider that too.


Both music and sound effects are graded here, and I find both just as equally important.  I'll also look at times when I think there should of been music and there isn't.


If it isn't fun, the rest doesn't matter.  Self explanatory.

Current Stability

Every game has bugs, and it's usually impossible to find all of them upon release.  This area considers how many bugs there are in the game, and whether or not they ruin the overall experience.  I say current also, because patches take time, so if I give one a low score that doesn't mean it won't get better.  It also doesn't mean it will either.  =(

Lasting Appeal

If a game had no reason for you to keep on going, or ever playing it again once your finished it, it would get a low score here.  Typically adventure games that rely on one-time shot puzzles as it's only means of gameplay, (Sam and Max) would suffer in this area.  Don't let it defer you that games that receive a low score in this department are boring however.


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