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JCXanirus's Blog; Oct. 13, 2010; By Jenner David Cauton
Type: Thoughts
Warning, rant fest.

Like I mentioned in the Top Shot Elite article, I really love my mouse.  Call of Duty 4:  MW was my PC shooter of choice.  After I got my Xbox 360, I was really pondering on whether or not to get Modern Warfare 2 on the PC or 360.  So I ended up borrowing a co-worker's MW for the 360.  I quickly got used to it.  (Yes, I played online, not just the campaign.)  I can safely say that I am quite comfortable using a controller for shooters now.  However, because I grew up with the mouse, there's always that feeling that I could of aimed better or not miss that shot had I been aiming with a mouse. 

Regardless, I opted to get the 360 version of Modern Warfare 2.  Not because I actually had friends that were playing games on the 360, but due to the general negative feedback as well as a huge but shameful and unsucessful boycott due to the lack of dedicated servers.  Needless to say, not only would I not have my friends to play with, I wouldn't have ANYONE to play with.

Treyarch is apparently not going to do the same mistake Activision/Infinity Ward did.  Or are they?  Dedicated servers are now going to be back in, but they are limiting it to only servers from  The never happy PC crowd is in a roar again.  So what happened then?  Another boycott!  Of course!  What is this, a new fashion to boycott games that isn't 100% to someone's taste?

Now I've never hosted a game server before, at least not a dedicated one in a game.  The only server I've ever had experience in managing was a Ventrilo server, and that only lasted for about 6 months anyway.  I think I paid about $10.00 a month for it.  Not a bad deal to me.  Now I've read that servers cost anywhere between $15.00 to $30.00.   GameServers is charging $14.95 for an 18 player server, and $0.99 per player for unranked, up to 24.

Is this issue really so bad?  At the start of the server announcement, a lot of players were complaining that the deal between Treyarch and Gameservers as their official dedicated server provider means no mods.  Treyarch has claimed that mods will be possible.  Players have complained that GameServers is laggy due to having limited server locations.  I'm looking at right now and I'm seeing servers in California, Washington, Missoruiri, Florida, New York,  Canada, Japan, several locations in Europe, and Australia. And that's not even all of them.  The game will also have a developer console, a much needed tool for admins to kick and ban troublemaker players.  Other then the fact that Black Ops is limiting the servers to only one provider, I see EVERYTHING that players wanted, but they are still complaining that GameServers suck.  A lot of people are even mis-interpeting it as even players have to pay the fee.  Let me reiterate, only the people who run the servers will be paying for them.  It's been this way since day one in PC gaming.  What is the fuggin deal?!

A lot of people are also saying we're paying full price for an 18 man server, which, to PC standards, is usually 32.  I don't know about most people, but after playing game after game of only living for only 3 seconds and then dying because the server is trying to squeeze 32 players in a map made for only 8 (it often says so when you load it), I appreicate the change, even as a PC gamer.  Yeah, I like high kill counts too, but a rise in the amount of players only makes what's considered high even higher.  I don't think many realize that the MW2 maps were made for a lower amount of players that even other games are going for.  Many would find this as an excuse.  My excuse to stop making excuses to discourage strategic thinking.

I've only read one, just ONE comment from Googling the net for hours saying that the control in servers allows people to have dedicated servers again and still be able to control hackers and prevent pirate servers, which I feel is the number one reason for all this.  Yes, if GameServers is the only way to have a dedicated server, this means that player's who have a decent amount of bandwith to spare won't be able to host their own server on their own computers for free.  That is the one draw back.  You want to know what else is free?  Pirated servers.  All these people saying that forcing others to pay for servers is bad news is just full of shit, I'm sorry.  Yes it's a shame we can't go the free way, but if you want to blame somebody, blame it on the ones who decided to go free in the other direction. 

I don't know if the people who complain about not being able to host their own server on their own computers are the piraters themselves, or just only think of themselves and don't consider that they are in the minority.  You can't please everyone.  People were saying all they wanted with, MW2's matchmaking software, is to have stable connections and being able to play the game at a decent speed.  It never came through.  Now, we finally have the dedi servers back, and now they're complaining about the lack of control.

Game doesn't have dedi servers due to piarcy, gamers complain.
Gamers look forward and blame piracy.
Game brings back servers, gamers are happy.
Game is pirated.
Game doesn't have dedi servers due to piracy.  Gamers complain.
Gamers look forward and blame piracy.

Is there a trend here?  Grow up people.



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