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Mass Effect Continuation

JCXanirus's Blog; Jan. 21, 2011; By Jenner David Cauton
Type: Thoughts

Mass Effect 3 is almost here, and I'm very excited.  I'm also have a few worries about the continuation system they have going with the previous games.  I'm probably crazy, after all, what's not to like?  Shooting, RPG stuff, and a great storyline.  And that's exactly the problem, the storyline is good.  Too good.  Naturally, you're going to be attached to your character, and make each and every decision carefully, and face the consequences thereafter.

So imagine when Mass Effect 3 comes out.  You finish the game, and you want to start a new character.  Maybe a female Shepard, only this time go with a Regenade personality.  And focus on biotics.  In order for the character to be truly yours, you'd have to be hardcore enough to start all the way from Mass Effect 1.  The very first game.  If all games were identical, this wouldn't be a problem, but they're not.  ME2 is drastically different from ME1, and I'm pretty sure ME3 would be no different.  ME2 had more than 10,000 variables (with ME3 claiming to have even more) that could be altered that change the storyline based on the player's actions.  That's A LOT of variations of story, no matter how small in detail.  Playing both ME1 and ME2, I've never seen any game that uses previous save data to alter storyline (or even gameplay) this much. 

There are websites where you can download other people's completed save files to use with ME2; they're organized by what major decisions the player did.  But it's only major ones, not the small ones.  There's far too many other variables to keep track of.  But it's those variables in my disbelief that I found actually had a purpose in ME2, small as it may.  So the question is, (assuming you like one game over the other) would you be willing to play through both games, both with two different styles of play, just to be in tune with your character in the third? 

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JTermyWy - Feb. 10, 2011 at 8:57:30pm

It's a lot of gaming... and I actually plan to replay through all of the first two games some point before I go get ME3. Just for the lulz.


JCXanirus - Jan. 22, 2011 at 2:32:43pm

Well the thing is I actually tried doing it. After playing ME2, the combat in ME1 as Kyle stated, is klunky.


rfludwick - Jan. 22, 2011 at 11:03:41am

That's a really good point... The upside here though, is that replayability is massive because you get all three games to go through again. That's a lot of gaming to do.

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