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Aug. 4, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

Effectively immediately, I will no longer be blogging on this service, as I am no longer a member of staff with OMGN. It's been a great service working with the staff here.

Change of Location

Apr. 4, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

Just thought you'd like to know that most of my blogging will now occur over at my personal blog, with a convenient link in the proper place. Cool!

Changing of the Staff

Feb. 21, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

Not a big, important thing, but just in case. As of yesterday, 20th February, 2011, command of the Writing team here at OMGN was passed from me to Anne King. My tenure with the site isn't ending, mind you. I'm still an integral part of the team, and will stay around as long as I'm needed. Day-to-day writing stuff isn't within my remit any more, but I'll still step in where necessary. What will I be doing on a day-to-day basis instead, you ask?...

A Testament to Good Customer Service

Jan. 28, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

This afternoon, I came to a decision which I have been deliberating for quite a while. Do I, or do I not cancel the Auto-Renewal on my Xbox LIVE? I haven't used it in a few weeks, mainly because my attention has been stolen by the arrival of a PlayStation 3. Today I decided to seal the deal. At around 3pm, I dialled the number for Microsoft Xbox LIVE Customer Service, immediately greeted by the usual "Scccchwingggg" sound normally associated...

Are you prepared to give it all up?

Jan. 16, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

I play a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game, where the Admin system is built off Mythology. The Gods are proper ones, like Lord Hermes. And the Gods are the games Admins. To get to God, you go through training, of which there are several stages. The first is Celani, and it's the lowest stage. Lowest stage, lowest abilities, lowest access, lowest priority, etc. You are learning, and helping. That's all. The next level is Demi-God. More access,...

Staff Communication

Jan. 14, 2011; By Jason Winstanley

One of the things I plan to fix this month (January 2011), and next month (February 2011), and which may end up branching into March too, is communication between OMGN's individual staff members. We all are very apt at noting our latest plans and articles on the Forum (of which there is a private Staff area, of course), but actual Team Meetings are difficult, especially because everyone's times are different, more hectic, and because most of the...

Freelance Positions to get Paid for their Work

Dec. 17, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

Quite a bit goes on behind scenes on nearly every website across the World Wide Web. IGN have their offices, GameSpot and GameTrailers probably do too, and all of these have their founders, editors, writers, etcetera. Because what is a website like OMGN without it's staff? OMGN doesn't have offices per se, but we do have a dedicated team of staff across the globe who write and edit for us here at OMGN on a day-to-day basis, and until now this...

The Xbox 360... soon to become a whole lot more accurate?

Dec. 2, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

<rant> So, I read an article on Engadget about a device that's coming out for the Xbox 360. It's a sequel to a device already out, that simplifies what it does. The XIM3 (sequel to the XIM2), and quoting the "About" page off their website now, "In a nutshell, XIM uses your personal computer’s peripherals to control the Xbox 360. Most people use it as a mouse and keyboard adapter, but one can theoreticaly use ANY device that a PC...

A Secret Project

Nov. 23, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

I've recently got too excited over a secret project a lot of staff here at OMGN are awaiting news on. It's something large, and if it pays off, each and every reader will definitely benefit. It's big news, and we really hope the results are good from this waiting. I can't really say much without giving the game away, but... yeah, I really can't wait much longer.

What is your role here at OMGN?

Nov. 19, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

The question of "What is your role at OMGN?" is a question that haunts even me, even though I have been here for a few years. Why? Because officially, behind-the-scenes here at OMGN, after our shake-up this year/last year (*delete as appropriate), the title of Editor hasn't officially got a Job Description. In fact, right now, the duties are pretty much "Manage the initial stages of content", and even that has been handling itself for a long...

Pretty quiet

Nov. 18, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

I've been pretty quiet on this blog recently. In fact, it has one post. Embarrassing, to say the least. I've been working behind the scenes with the Content Department here at OMGN. I am in he process on changing how we process the editing side of reviews, however I haven't finalized anything yet. I've also stepped up and started handling more Content Editor management duties, such as timelines and workload management recently. So I'll be much...


Jun. 22, 2010; By Jason Winstanley

Welcome to this blog! I'll mainly be using this not as my personal blog, but as a side-blog between the main website and my personal one (located at Basically, on any public editorial decisions I make, there'll be a blog about it. So, articles I write will be discussed here, behind-the-scenes stuff may appear (where authorised by the President), etc... So, stay tuned for updates, because they are definitely coming.

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