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The Xbox 360... soon to become a whole lot more accurate?

JTermyWy's Blog; Dec. 2, 2010; By Jason Winstanley
Type: Thoughts
...Oh, no, wait. That's cheating.


So, I read an article on Engadget about a device that's coming out for the Xbox 360. It's a sequel to a device already out, that simplifies what it does.

The XIM3 (sequel to the XIM2), and quoting the "About" page off their website now, "In a nutshell, XIM uses your personal computer’s peripherals to control the Xbox 360. Most people use it as a mouse and keyboard adapter, but one can theoreticaly use ANY device that a PC recognizes to control the game console."

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but does the Xbox 360 not come with a wide range of wireless and wired controllers? From several different retailers? Of various designs?

Yes. Yes, it does. And for me, and many people I can ask now, including people I live with, they say the controllers are fine. Well designed, well rounded, etcetera.

So why the hell would I want to use PC inputs? If I wanted to use the same inputs for my PC on my Xbox, I'D USE MY STUPID PC IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This entire product just seems like a way to let people... well, I'll put it simply: Cheat.

And because of this, I hate it already.

</rant over... for now>

Do tell me, what's your opinion on this device? The official website is available here.

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rfludwick - Dec. 2, 2010 at 8:58:59am

Well, I could argue that people should be able to use whatever controllers they like for input to any gaming machine... Sure, a keyboard and mouse are good for a PC, but why not let people use them on a 360? If the system and game are built correctly, it's not necessarily cheating because the keyboard and mouse shouldn't be able to affect the game any differently.

That being said, I think the spirit here is to use official controllers...

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