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Freelance Positions to get Paid for their Work

JTermyWy's Blog; Dec. 17, 2010; By Jason Winstanley
Type: Editorial
Snappy subtitle? Sorry, I'm too busy learning...

Quite a bit goes on behind scenes on nearly every website across the World Wide Web. IGN have their offices, GameSpot and GameTrailers probably do too, and all of these have their founders, editors, writers, etcetera. Because what is a website like OMGN without it's staff?

OMGN doesn't have offices per se, but we do have a dedicated team of staff across the globe who write and edit for us here at OMGN on a day-to-day basis, and until now this has been a voluntary thing. I started off at OMGn as an Associate Editor, handling a small team of writers. I progressed to Content Editor, and now today to Editor, working directly with Rob, the writing team, and the editing team where necessary. Of this, I am proud to say that without the hard-working, dedicated staff we've had over the years, we wouldn't be here, where we are today.

This is one of the many reasons why we are bringing in our pay system for writing and editing articles. To give our regular contributors, who are always on the ball, the rewards from their work that they deserve. So they can be proud of what they do, and actually feel like we are giving credit where credit is due. Until now, a simple "Thanks, great article!" was all I could give at a great article, with a large amount of traffic. Now, me and Rob can give a lot more.


Now, do excuse me, I have a bit of new-policy learning to do...

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