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JTermyWy's Blog; Jan. 14, 2011; By Jason Winstanley
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Or, maybe perhaps, lack of.

One of the things I plan to fix this month (January 2011), and next month (February 2011), and which may end up branching into March too, is communication between OMGN's individual staff members. We all are very apt at noting our latest plans and articles on the Forum (of which there is a private Staff area, of course), but actual Team Meetings are difficult, especially because everyone's times are different, more hectic, and because most of the team live in the US area, and I live in the UK. Which doesn't defeat us that much, because I'm an insomniac, and I get very little sleep anyway.

One idea is an IRC Chat server. The advantages of this are that we can have public channels, and everyone can join in and chat, and there can also be private channels for Staff Meetings. Bonus!

Or, we could use Skype. Advantages, I can use my voice and be seen, and save my poor fingers. Disadvantage, no public joining in. Then again, we could always use something like uStream and do some video-casts, if we had the urge and request to. All in good time...

So the better idea would probably to either A) Get a channel on an already-hosted IRC Server somewhere, or B) Host our own. I prefer B), because it gives us flexibility, allows to interact more with our clientele (you readers), and we can also have a private place to hold meetings... and I'm sure IRC supports voice somehow, or doesn't it...?

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JTermyWy - Jan. 14, 2011 at 8:27:05pm

Another idea I have thought about since is Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. Both are interesting, public, and have potential. More in a future blog post, coming soon.

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