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Are you prepared to give it all up?

JTermyWy's Blog; Jan. 16, 2011; By Jason Winstanley
Type: Thoughts
Don't worry, it's not a real question

I play a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game, where the Admin system is built off Mythology. The Gods are proper ones, like Lord Hermes. And the Gods are the games Admins. To get to God, you go through training, of which there are several stages. The first is Celani, and it's the lowest stage. Lowest stage, lowest abilities, lowest access, lowest priority, etc. You are learning, and helping. That's all. The next level is Demi-God. More access, but not quite there yet. The last level is God, all the access you need to be a God.

Oh, did I forget to mention if you are a Celani, Demi-God, or even a God, you very-nearly completely lose access to your mortal character? Whoops.Yeah, rather important that. 

If you played a multiplayer game, had spent money on building a character up, and had many achievements, and were getting to the end-of-shelf life on it, would you give it up to take an Admin position? Say you had that, minus the end-of-shelf life. Could you give it all up, to be an Admin?

I could. I really would. I plan to. Eventually.

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