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A Testament to Good Customer Service

JTermyWy's Blog; Jan. 28, 2011; By Jason Winstanley
Type: Commentary
Microsoft shined quite brightly this afternoon. Very brightly indeed.

This afternoon, I came to a decision which I have been deliberating for quite a while. Do I, or do I not cancel the Auto-Renewal on my Xbox LIVE? I haven't used it in a few weeks, mainly because my attention has been stolen by the arrival of a PlayStation 3. Today I decided to seal the deal.

At around 3pm, I dialled the number for Microsoft Xbox LIVE Customer Service, immediately greeted by the usual "Scccchwingggg" sound normally associated with the booting up of the device... slightly distorted because of the fact I was on the phone... I was then greeted by an American automated voice menu system. Which strangely enough even recognized my voice, even though it is heavily distorted itself due to a cold. Woot.

I got through to the "Account Cancellation team" very quickly, the menu system was intuitive, and you felt like you knew how to get where you wanted... without ever having heard the options before. Where I was greeted, even more strange, by a Scottish guy. What?!? A British call-centre? Oh my GOD.

The guy I spoke to was extremely helpful, and agreed nearly immediately to stop my Auto-Renewal. He followed usual protocols, confirmed my details, etc, and did the usual spiel. As I've been registered with Xbox LIVE since January 2005 (yes, 2 months after it was first debuted), I was entitled to a special long-term customer discount, of 50% off 3-Month Subscription, at £7.50 a month instead of around £14.99. Or, I could get the 12-month Subscription at £29.50, 33% off the £39.99 normal price. Generous discounts already, but I declined, and said I'd like to cancel the Auto-Renewal.

The gentlemen then went on to say that he had yet another offer. He could add 400 Microsoft Points this very minute, plus the 33% discount for the 12-month Subscription if I keep the Renewal today. This swung me, and I graciously accepted. My account now has 440MP in it, plus I'm set to pay £29.50 renewal charge in 6 days. Awesome.

All in all, the Xbox Support Team shone this afternoon, and I am proud to call myself a member of Xbox Live.

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