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Who Am I?

My Take; Jul. 12, 2010; By Kane Samual Barrett
Type: Thoughts

Well If you've got here then obviously you'll want me tell you who I am.


Well my name is Kane Barrett and I live in Llanelli, Wales. I not long left secondary school and I'm soon to start college,

As to what kind of person I am, well I've never been too clear on that myself so I'm afraid that you'll have to judge that yourself.

My life right now is pretty busy, between spending time with my girlfriend (yes don't be surprised about that), spending time working on my current project (I have many) and looking after my little brother I barely have any time and frankly I'm not sure I'll be posting here too often.

My current project is a games development group called BioSync Games We hope to have our first game finished by the end of the summer. If anyone wants to join up and help then drop me line on the site. 

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