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Nadia's Doodles; Oct. 17, 2013; By Nadia Hyeong
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Reinventing the 1981 Ultima franchise, Mythic Games together with Electronic Arts just released a smashing mobile version of their popular online game entitled Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. This Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) promises the fans stellar aesthetics and a gameplay fit for the adventurers at heart. Let us venture into its mystical world and see what dangers or treasures lie ahead for the brave online questors.

Create an Account

We start our voyage by creating our account. Ultima Forever does not have an offline mode so your device needs to be constantly connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data plan in order for it to run. Once you are online, you will immediately be logged on to the server by creating a guest account or using your Facebook profile. You will then be provided with several options on how to create a random match up with your Facebook friends or other online players. 

Tutorial mode

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As a massive online title, the world that you will venture is extensive and vast. Newbie or casual gamers who have been used to playing titles like Candy Crush Saga may find it to be a little bit complex and their fingers may feel a little bit weary from all the trekking, battles and quests that they will encounter.

Thankfully, the developers have taken the liberty to provide the tender footed heroes a story-based tutorial. It will teach them the basic ways of navigating its world, managing and searching for loots, character creation and how to deal with the monsters found in dungeons. Once players have gained ample knowledge, they’ll be transported to Castle Britannia, where they have to slay The Weep – an ancient and evil entity that turns everything it touches into malevolent beings.

Virtues shape your destiny

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Players can only have two character classes to choose from – Mage or Warrior. However, you need to go on a personality test first to assess what kind of character we truly are. Hardcore fans know that this is a great introduction to the game’s Virtues system.

In Ultima, there are eight known Virtues that your Avatar could master which are Honesty, Compassion, Spirituality, Justice, Valor, Humility, Honor, and Sacrifice. Every decision that you make, whether completing a certain quest or talking to a Non-Playable Character (NPC) has an effect on each of these attributes. At the same time, mastering a couple of these helps increase one’s level. In addition, proving your dedication to each virtue increases your standing with different cities among the mythical world of Britannia. Having the required maximum standing among these locations is important because it is the only way to enter them.

Easy Tap Navigations

Even though it is an action-packed MMORPG, the controls are surprisingly simple making it easy for mobile players to explore its world. To move from one place to another, simply tap a certain point on the battlefield and your character will follow through. They could also tap-and-hold if they want them to continuously run.  To attack nearby enemies, just tap them and your avatar will activate its auto-attack feature. If it needs to cast some powerful spells, just poke the skill bar located at the left-hand side of the screen.

The good thing about its navigation system is that there are no virtual joysticks so players won’t have to worry about losing excessive amounts of Hit Points because of unresponsive controls. In addition, the head-up displays are well organized on both sides of the screen which help them appreciate the lush medieval environment better.  


Overall, this top-down title proved that MMORPGs with branching paths and wide playing fields could be enjoyed on our handy mobile devices. Thanks to its comprehensive tutorial, neophyte explorers will find it easy to explore it. For those mobile gamers who need a more challenging title, this one is definitely for you. 

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