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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #19

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 22, 2010; By Charles Rector
Type: News

Dear Player,

We are happy to announce that a new round has begun! And as such we are taking this chance informs you of some new features.

There once was a trader named Crusher, who was stuck on dialup for over a decade. He plays every game and is a true Montreal Canadians fan. Why you ask? Because hockey rocks...and green winds of trading made him happy. He was not the best or the fastest but he never gave up, for years, he fought tooth and nail with the best the game ever had, and never gave up. Crusher was one of many to prove to the rest of the game that Space Merchant is not about kills or experience, but about team play and alliance cooperation to accomplish great things. You don't need light speed internet, or 88 core computers, all you need is your alliance mates, beer, and lots of turns to trade and pod things. So join this game, cause it's a good map, designed to be trader orientated for optimal inter galactic trade routes, planetary warfare, and equal opportunities for all. Join today, and see which alliance the Infamous Crusher is in, because that team, is the team to beat!

This map was designed by the veteran player LoTuS.

Start Date: May 28, 2010 @ 12:00AM
Game Speed: 2.0
Alliance Size: 25 Members
Map Size: 2507 Sectors

Round 19: Colonial Conquest
This slower round is still going strong with over 400 players. This is a slower paced game that was set to run for 6 months instead of the typical 2-3 months. This game runs until July 1st and is still accepting new players.

New Features
- Ability to see friendly traders and friendly forces on the local and galaxy map, no matter your proximity to the player.
- Enemy vessels are represented with a red icon on local map, friendlies with green.
- Friendly Cloaked vessels are now visible to alliance members in the same sector (
[Cloaked] tag is shown)
- Ship logo's have returned to be displayed in the news.
- When a player is the racial president for there race, their rank is changed to reflect that accomplishment.
- Red examine button on enemy vessels. - Expanded Hall of Fame rankings
- Ability to see the connecting sectors when landed on a planet (from galaxy map only)
- Request a feature page

Features in Development
Our coder, Page, has been hard at work on new features, we are happy to announce that currently under development is the implementation of Non-Player Controlled ships (NPCs). These ships will be able to interact with regular human players. We hope the addition of these types of ships will allow for more interactive game play by solo and alliance players combined.

IRC Chat
You're invited to come chat with other players, as well as admins, in SMR's own IRC channel! An IRC channel is a chat room, and ours can benefit you in many ways including providing opportunities for you to meet other players (and share tips and tricks!), as well as talk to your community administrators and other gamers!

You can access IRC chat either by clicking on the "IRC Chat" link in game, or by using an IRC client (such as: mIRC for windows, Xchat for linux, or Colloquy for Mac)

Port: 6667
Official Channel: #smr

Web Board/Forum
Please feel free to check out the web board to discuss features, recommend new ones, report bugs, share tips, and communicate with the rest of the SMR community. You can access the web board at

Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team
Note: You receive this e-mail because you are registered with Space Merchant Realms. If you prefer not to get any further notices please respond and we will disable your account.Space Merchant Realms is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Game, which you can play with only a web browser. Space Merchant Realms © All Rights Reserved.

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