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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #20

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 29, 2010; By Charles Rector
Type: News

Dear Player,

We are happy to announce that a new round has begun! And as such we are taking this chance informs you of some new features.

Round 28: The Phoenix
An adaptation on an old map, this map aims to bring a smaller universe then the last few rounds. Also includes a new 'unique' location for neutral fed. Best of luck!

This map was designed by RCK with contributions from several community members

Start Date: Wednesday July 28, 2010 @ 12:00AM
Game Speed: 1.75
Max Turns: 600
Alliance Size: 25 Members
Map Size: 2034 Sectors

New Features
We are happy to once again announce some more changes and features to SMR!

- The Racial Politics page is now accessible from the main left side menu
- Limit can be placed on universe creation to limit the max number of turns
- Players no longer start in Galactic Semi, they are now placed into there respective races free ship
- A new mine formula has been implemented to improve the effectiveness of mines
- A player now gains 2 experience for every sector they explore
- Federal Beacons have been replaced by Race beacons (ie Salvene Beacon) additional changes are being worked on in relation to this cosmetic change

Page is still working on the Non-Player Controlled ships (NPCs) mentioned in the previous newsletter. He is hoping that these will be ready in the new few months to test in a live game (which will be run separately from the normal game).

SMR Wiki
RCK has been working on creating a SMR Wiki. It is a work in progress and will hopefully be ready for launch in the next few weeks. Some of the things it will include:
- Updated manual
- One location for all tutorials (text and video)

IRC Chat
You're invited to come chat with other players, as well as admins, in SMR's own IRC channel! An IRC channel is a chat room, and ours can benefit you in many ways including providing opportunities for you to meet other players (and share tips and tricks!), as well as talk to your community administrators and other gamers!

You can access IRC chat either by clicking on the "IRC Chat" link in game, or by using an IRC client (such as: mIRC for Windows, Xchat for Linux, or Colloquy for Mac)

Port: 6667
Official Channel: #smr

Web Board/Forum
Please feel free to check out the web board to discuss features, recommend new ones, report bugs, share tips, and communicate with the rest of the SMR community. You can access the web board at

Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team
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