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Women's Studies Movie Released on DVD

Charles Rector's Weblog; Aug. 11, 2010; By Charles Rector
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Press release from Lonnie Martin:



Women's Studies is now available on DVD!   Released on JUNE 8, 2010 from R-Squared Films' Big Bite Entertainment label, Women's Studies is the story of a pregnant grad student and her friends who become "guests" at a women's academy where female empowerment is taken to murderous extremes.  In addition to the movie, the DVD includes the following special features:* --Full-Length Trailer* --Introduction to Women's Studies with 'Helena, Hussy of Horror'
* --Blooper Reel
* --Deleted Scenes with intros by the Director, Lonnie Martin
        -The Black Widow "Prequel" 
        -Dan Samson
        -Mary's Prayer
        -Extended Picking up Zack
        -Picking Up Iris
        -Car Theft Aftermath
        -On the way to Campus
        -Ross-Prentiss Montage
        -Judith's Freak Out
        -Mary & Sharon
        -Iris's Mom at the Party
        -Iris Tries to Convert Mary
        -The Hospital
        -Political Rally

* --"Duel of the Goddesses" Fight Featurette - A look at the making of the climactic fight sequence of Women's Studies. Featuring alternate takes, fight rehearsal footage, audition tapes, and interviews with actors Cindy Marie Martin, Tara Garwood, and Kelley Slagle, fight choreographer Shanna Beauchamp, and writer/director Lonnie Martin.
* --"Lady Killers on Women's Studies" Featurette - Actors Cindy Marie Martin, Tara Garwood, Kelley Slagle, Melisa Breiner-Sanders, and writer/director Lonnie Martin discuss the characters and themes of Women's Studies.
* --Audio Commentary with writer/director Lonnie Martin & producer/actor Cindy Marie Martin


The press blitz for Women's Studies has been pretty robust of late. Not only did Ningen Manga release half a dozen clips from the movie and DVD special features, but cast and crew have been doing interviews galore. We've also got a pretty good review from the website Anything Horror. You can find links to the reviews, interviews, and clips by visiting the Ningen Manga Productions blog at .  More on Women's Studies at . Best, Lonnie  Lonnie MartinNingen Manga Productions

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