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Bizarre Piece of Online Gaming Phishing

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 14, 2010; By Charles Rector
Type: News

The title of a recent wacko email I got:


"World of Warcraft hackers stealing brings you hurt us deeply apologize"


And the text:


This is Blizzard Entertainment's apology, we acknowledge a mistake, for you to lose the World of Warcraft account in order to recover our losses, we will give you 10000 gold coins free of charge and rare mounts a (celestial steed), I hope you can restart

the game. Login website authentication, 48 hours you will receive compensation


Description: test account and permanently disabled can not compensation


This is all really weird because I have never ever even so  much as an account with any Blizzard game, service or anything else Blizzard related much less with World of Warcraft.  


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JCXanirus - Oct. 14, 2010 at 11:27:21am

"I hope?" Geez. Why bother trying to pose as Blizzard if you can't even speak English or relying on an online translator to look professional.

Fast food employee:
Here's your change. "I hope" you have a nice day!

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