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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Newsletter

Charles Rector's Weblog; Mar. 27, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Welcome to the latest Operation Flashpoint: Red River newsletter!

Visuals lost in the fog of war? View this message as a web page. : 

NEWS: Meet Cpl.Ryan Balletto 

In the first of our Red River bio videos we met Staff Sgt. Damien Knox,
Fireteam Leader. The next video in the series introduces Corporal Ryan 
Balletto, Auto Rifleman in Fireteam Outlaw 2 Bravo.
As the Auto Rifleman, Balletto is equipped with a M249 Squad Automatic
Weapon (SAW), perfect for suppressing enemy positions. It's his role to
lay down serious amounts of fire and engage the enemy at medium range.
By combining with the other complimentary squad members - Scout,
Rifleman and Grenadier - Balleto's USMC fireteam unit becomes a lethal
and adaptable fighting force. Which specialist will you choose?

Exclusive Screen: 
NEWS: Gameplay Highlight Video 

The videos keep on coming! In a new series entitled 'Gameplay
Highlights', you can check out raw, uncut gameplay footage of some of
the game's more explosive moments. To kick things off, the first video
in the seriesshows you the devastating effects of being caught on the 
receiving end of a PLA mortar attack. Blam! 

UPDATE: Press and Community Event News Roundup 

If you're left craving more Red River action after our latest videos,
then let us feed your appetite.

We recently held an Operation Flashpoint: Red River event in London
where we invited press and community members down to try out the game,
and sample some genuine Tajikistan cuisine. Plov anyone? 

It was a great day, with a huge turnout
and the internet has exploded with Red River reports from the frontline,
including plenty of hands-on impressions. Why not check out our Facebook
page : for links to all the coverage
and pictures from the event?

Finally, don't forget that you can follow us on Twitter : and get exclusive updates and info 
direct from the studio straight to your home feed.

-The Flashpoint Team


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