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IGDA Newsletter February, 2011

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 26, 2011; By Charles Rector
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FEBRUARY ISSUEIGDA | Perspectives NewsletterThe theme of this month's issue of the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter is "Lifestyles of the Indie & Humble." View the PDF here. Download the PDFhere.

Lifestyles of the Indie & HumbleWorld MapGreetings!

Am I a real indie? 

You are the IGDA. This afternoon, I had the privilege of one of my favorite parts of the job. A volunteer had an idea, an excellent one, and we were able to use our resources to amplify it and make it reach a lot of people. 

Whether it be the new IGDA Leadership Europe in Copenhagen the new IGDA Virgin America discount codes, the SIG meetings at GDC San Francisco or the 3 days of Breaking In content , Diversity, Game Preservation, Game Narrative and East Coast Professional Development talks at PAX East in Boston or the other wonderful events at the back of this newsletter, they all begin just as this new idea did today, with a humble group of volunteers who wanted to do something bigger than themselves for you, their peers. 

As we enter the Board of Directors elections, next week, you share a responsibility to elect those who best represent your perspective, orientation and will. If you are eligible to vote, I hope that you will choose to take a thoughtful moment and participate in the voting process beginning on February 21st. 

Beyond voting, we share a challenge to be thought leaders for our community, in our studios, in our home offices, in our lives off the keyboard and in how we treat and value each other in this industry. 

This issue of IGDA Perspectives explores a wonderful facet of our community, the indie and humble. Is she a real indie? It's a fascinating question that many of us hear, pontificate on and with which we battle. 

The question evokes a discussion of creative freedom and how our community reconciles creative, technical and business exploration with the desire for commercial opportunity and critical acclaim. 

The question could simply be, are you free? And as importantly, do you have the humility to cherish that freedom, the fortitude to make it last as long as possible and the temperament to offer it to others when you can. 

I'd like to think that there is a little real Indie in all of us.

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