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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Newsletter

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 26, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Newsletter - Check out the "Taking the
Hit" Video
Visuals lost in the fog of war? View this message as a web page. :
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NEWS: Taking the Hit

Continuing our narrative video series, the 'Taking the Hit' trailer
focuses on making smart decisions amidst the chaos of war. Marines hate
to hear the word 'retreat', but when you're out-manned and out-gunned, a
tactical fall back can be the only option. It's a crushing blow, but
that decision can save lives. Check out the tough choices Marines face
on the battlefield on our YouTube Channel : now.

Amongst Red River's huge list of enhancements and improvements has been
making the game more accessible - you can read about that here :
But veterans of the series needn't worry - Operation Flashpoint: Red
River will still deliver a formidable tactical challenge for those who
demand it. Machinima recently posted this fantastic playthrough video 
featuring raw feed direct from the game, showing you what to expect 
if you're after the ultimate tactical experience. With no HUD, no 
assists and when one bullet can most definitely kill you, you'll need 
both brain and brawn to succeed.
Up to it, Marine?

Behind the scenes

One of the watchwords for Flashpoint is authenticity - it runs through
all aspects of the game, from using the weapons and tactics the Marines
do to recruiting the spectacularly talented former-Marine and Aliens
star Al Matthews :
to lend his voice to Battalion Commander Col. Shannon J Hardaway. When
it came to our forthcoming Red River TV ad, we had only one person in
mind for director - the multi-award winning Susanna White. Her
experience directing Generation Kill, a huge influence on the game, made
her perfect for the job. You can read more about her history, approach
and see some snaps from the set on the Operation Flashpoint blog :


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