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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #22

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 7, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Today marks the opening of round 36, "Warlocked", which is an experimental draft round. Two players have been elected by popular vote (Edgecrusher and kiNky) to be leaders, who will then take turns selecting from players who have joined the game until all have been chosen. With any luck, this will result in teams consisting of players who are not familiar with each other. All faces, old and new, are welcome to participate.

Some notes on how this will function:

  • While the game is open to joining as of today (Saturday, April 2), turns will not begin generating until Saturday, April 9. This is done to ensure that players have ample time to join the game, and that leaders have a healthy selection of players to choose from when they decide to begin the draft. The time and date of this has yet to be determined, but it up to the leaders to decide upon.
  • There will only be two alliances in the game. Players who spy or otherwise refuse to cooperate can be kicked by the leaders, at which point they will be placed into sector #1, from which they cannot leave. Kicks can be appealed to the admins.
  • Leaders are able to select their players using a special "Pick Members" feature under the Alliance Options page. A list of all players yet to be chosen, including their Hall of Fame name, user score, and chosen race will be presented to them, along with a button that allows them to select that player.
  • Players will be able to join the game at any time, even after the initial draft has taken place. They will eventually be selected by a leader.
  • For those uninterested in the draft round, a cycle of non-experimental games is still in progress. Round 35, "Dark Aura", is already a few weeks strong and will be followed by another "regular" game upon its completion. In short, the draft round will NOT be the only one running at any point.

In other news, we have migrated the SMR wiki to its new address at Please consider creating an account and assisting us in building it. 

Thank you,


The SMR Administration Team

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