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5th Anniversary of the Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 9, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Hello everyone. Can you believe that the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture is five years old? Neither can I. It seems like just yesterday that the staff was sitting around a computer with their fingers crossed, hoping that the site wouldn't crash when it launched.


During its first month of operation, the EOA received 46,960 visits. In April 2011, the site received 239,655 visits. Since the site launch, it has had 105,032,153 hits-that's right, more than 105 million hits. The response to the encyclopedia has been dramatically larger than we ever envisioned. I hope you are as proud of the EOA as we are.


I always say that the EOA is my first-born child. Today, I'm writing to you (its godparents) to say that baby needs a new pair of shoes...and a college fund.


We are getting ready to go after grant money to do a major expansion of the EOA website, and we need a pool of matching funds for these grant applications. As part of the expansion, we want to create a mobile version of the website for smart phones and other mobile devices and launch an application that will work with GPS-enabled devices to locate county-specific information-this new technology will allow a user standing anywhere in Newton County, for example, to easily see all entries and media related to that county. We hope that this new technology will be as well received as the original EOA website, and that it will help to launch or supplement local efforts to encourage heritage tourism and education.



Thank you again for your support-past, present, and future.




Nathania Sawyer

Senior Editor

Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture


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