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DiRT 3 Newsletter May 18, 2011

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 28, 2011; By Charles Rector
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DiRT 3 Newsletter: In this issue; New Videos, DiRT 3 Soundtrack revealed, and YouTube videos from the studio. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The launch of DiRT 3 is just a few short days away. Have you pre-ordered yet? Don't delay; you could secure yourself an exclusive Superteam Pack for free! This Superteam Pack includes an exclusive team for you to drive for and unlocks 4 cars that would normally be locked at the start of the game for you to take to the track immediately. Pre-order today to grab the swag! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Videos and more videos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- We know that our videos aren't a substitute for finally getting your hands on the game, but they're still all kinds of awesome. Get ready for a spectacular new video for you to drool over. Our Attract Trailer:$h9B7bZSEB8bN1VC6QxQ6a5/vid packed full of blistering, action-packed footage straight from DiRT 3 showing the huge range of content coming your way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- DiRT 3 soundtrack ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're anything like us then you loved DiRT 2's soundtrack. Eclipsing it wasn't going to be easy, so we enlisted the help of Christian Stevenson, former Kerrang Radio Presenter, and set him the task of putting together an even bigger, better and louder soundtrack. With artists ranging from 'Alter Bridge' to 'We are Scientists', there's something in there for everyone. You can find the full track list exclusively on our Facebook page :$h9B7bZSEB8bN1VC6QxQ6a5/soundtrac . ----------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube uploads from the studio ----------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the great new features added to DiRT 3 is the ability to upload 30 seconds of your favourite moments straight to YouTube. Whether it's an epic crash, sweet cornering, or your unmatched Gymkhana skills, you can upload it to YouTube to share with all your friends. To show you its true power and share some of the awesome scenes we've captured in the studio, we're running a series of videos that the development team have uploaded straight to YouTube, just as you'll be able to. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube:$h9B7bZSEB8bN1VC6QxQ6a5/youtube to see them as soon as they're uploaded or check our playlist to see the videos they've made so far:$h9B7bZSEB8bN1VC6QxQ6a5/playlist - The DiRT 3 Team owners and are being used under license. Developed and published by Codemasters.

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