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IGDA Perspectives Newsletter May, 2011

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 31, 2011; By Charles Rector
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MAY 2011

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Welcome to the May issue of the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter. Now available in more formats, we're bringing you the best of IGDA news in easy-to-digest bits: this email,, and an e-reader optimized version (available here). 


This month IGDA Perspectives heads down under to the Antipodes for our Australia issue.  We also share the story of #ims211 which brought our global community to life in an Ohio classroom and our first (belated) Mother's Day tribute.   


My personal thank you goes to the bold and tireless team of IGDA volunteers and staff who made this happen and are hard at work shaping your community's biggest collaboration ever, the inaugural IGDA Summit July 18th and 19th in Seattle.  Registration is now open for your event.  And special thank you to our IGDA friends at Trinigy, makers of the VISION game engine, who stepped up to sponsor and support this newsletter effort.     We would love your feedback, so please contact us at

Gordon BellamyExecutive Director, IGDA


 Stepping Outside the Studio - By Stephan Schütze


One of the consequences of a small population is that most of our industries are far smaller than in other countries and the games industry is no exception. Size, however, does not always equate to quality or ability and Australia has developed a diverse game industry. The key difference is that here the industry is not solely defined by the large studios. The more you look, the more you will find an industry that is defining itself in a range of ways ... Read more


Après le deluge - The Brisbane [Briz-lantis] - By J. Turner & Lubi Thomas

It struck me that there is a resonance here with the current state of the game industry in Queensland. We all knew we lived on a precarious flood plain but as we watched a couple of our well established and loved games companies fall into the muddy waters of the wider world economy and were eaten away bit by bit; we were shocked and saddened. Actually, as the companies closed, that same extraordinary spirit and community saw hosts of small groups of good friends, usually ex-professionals sometimes from rival  companies ... Read more 

Extreme Creativity Comes From an Extreme Environment - By Mary Kurek 


Australia knows a thing or two about how quickly cement can harden.  News reports of job losses and suffering from a sagging global economy has left a mark on an industry that had been thriving. But, our Aussie friends seem to have a handle on the come-back.   When you get into a tight place, your most creative ideas get squeezed to the surface ... Read more 

Featured Games From the Global Game Jam


A monthly selection of noteworthy games created during the Global Game Jam. Curated by Gorm Lai ... Read more  



IGDA Member Spotlight

The Member Spotlight features IGDA members who are doing great things. This month, read about Nevin Eronde, Joe Longworth, Oded Sharon, and Alex Wilmer ... Read more 


A Tale of Two Men & Their Chimpanzee - By Matthew Charles


We know it's the execution that plays the biggest role in success. Execution for us, was something we had committed to before we even knew what we wanted to build - it was pretty much set in stone, what ever we decided on, we were going to do it! ... Read more 



Aus Landscape - By Ben Abraham


The Australian environment is unique among the world. An island fortress in evolutionary terms, the entirety of the landscape-the dirt, grasses, rocks, trees, and shrubs-all bear the distinctive stamp of antipodean separateness. While the Australian bush has often been captured in film and moving image, painted, drawn, and even sculpted, until Fuel there was nothing close to a digital version in a videogame ... Read more     

Event Highlight: Freeplay - By Paul Callaghan

Freeplay is Australia's longest running independent games festival, started in 2004 by Marcus Westbury and Katharine Neil as part of the Biannual Next Wave arts festival.  2004 doesn't seem that long ago, but on reflection, the world of independent development was very, very different just 7 years ago. Back then there was no PlayStation 3, no Xbox 360 and no Wii. ... Read more 



How To Accidentally Connect Game Developers Through Twitter - By Sean Duncan

If you're on the popular microblogging site Twitter and you're tapped into the IGDA community online, you probably saw some mention of something called '#ims211' cross your Twitter feed a few weeks back.  It's what's called a "hashtag," and is a way of tagging tweets that can also spawn an ad hoc discussion channel of sorts. I'm the guy that started #ims211 - somewhat by accident, really - and I've been invited to comment on its surprising spread through the game development community ... 
Read more


In Honor of Mother's Day: Grandma Got Games - By Ashley Zeldin  


The family that plays together stays together. For Belinda Middleton and her family, playing video games is indeed how they stay together. The Middleton matriarch plays MMOs and other games with husband Gary, their four grown children and one granddaughter. "It helps keep us together," Gary said. "When the kids grow up, start leaving the house and doing things on their own, they don't spend as much time with you. Gaming now keeps the interaction going. It helps keep us close."... Read more 


IGDA Summit Announced  


The IGDA has announced that it is hosting a very special inaugural event this July 18th & 19th in Seattle, WA, USA. The event, titled the IGDA Summit, is a home for our development community that provides valuable professional development, actionable insight and candid discussion to elevate our craft. The IGDA Summit will cover topics including: Entrepreneurship, Game Development Community, Quality Assurance, User Testing, Monetization, Indie Boot Camp, Writing about Games, Writing in Games, Quality of Life and Legal Insights ...  Read more 


Heard Around the IGDA   


"Game dev haiku time
Art, programming, and design
All are important"

Your turn!

...  Read more 


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