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Castle Zierath of the Conceited Creeps

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 13, 2011; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

The following is the first in a series of intermittent posts concerning my experiences in Platteville, Wisconsin, where I spent my formative years, 1967-1984, and some of the folks who I interacted with some of whom can be found on the Web.


If you point your browser to you will find Castle Zierath, home of a pretentious twerp who calls himself Lord Zierath even though his name is really Scott.  This guy was one of the leaders of a bunch of kindred souls (or was it devils?) who really bothered this writer and many other students with condescending behavior and the like.  


From his castle-blog, here is a list of some of Scott Zierath's cronies in putting others down in the Platteville Public Schools:

Kenneth Ambrosius

Eric Bierstedt

Warren Brewer

Michelle Buchert

Lance Carothers

Warren Carothers

Robert Covert

Mike Daniels

Pat Daniels

Burton Davis

Nick Dykstra

David Featherstone

Brad Gottschalk

Andrea Hood

Tom Hood

Karland Killian

Ingrid Lind

Gian Pagnucci

Philip Sens

Dan Wang

Dave Wang

Mike Wang

Peter Wang

John Wunderlin

Mark Zierath


Add in a few others that the oh so exalted Lord Scott Zierath did not mention such as Tom Burnham,   Jerry Heins, Craig Homuth, Eric LaVoy, Robin Pagnucci, Kim Reiss, Kelly Sagers and last and certainly not least Weldon Texas Wall IV you have quite a bunch of stuck up suck ups who all  reveled in their allegedly being major science fiction fans.  

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