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The University of Sewer Carolina: Introduction

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 13, 2011; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

This is the first post in what may or may not become a regular series on this weblog concerning the worst school year of my life:   1996-1997 at what was then known as the College of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. I chose to go to the place that I have since come to call the University of Sewer Carolina in large part due to consumer fraud practiced by university recruiters.

First of all, the university claimed that Library Science graduates had a 90% placement rate.  In actuality, the placement rate was  closer to 25%, if even that much.  Second, the university claimed that Library Science students had great leeway in choosing their own courses of study so that they could have programs tailored to their own unique needs.  In reality, faculty "advisers" imposed one size fits all programs upon the students
with complete disregard for the student's needs.  Third, the university claimed that there were a lot of graduate assistantships that were available to all Library Science students.  As things turned out, the assistantships were reserved for tech geniuses only, all but one of whom were Asians.  Fourth, the university claimed that the Library Science faculty was top notch.  The reality was that outside of the excellent Dr. Ann O'Neill, it was the single worst bunch of lazy, worthless professors that I have ever had to deal with. 

However, the worst aspect of the University of Sewer Carolina was the fact that it had a completely out of control campus police department.  The quality of the campus p.d. was such that the best way to describe it is as
a campus pigsty. 

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