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Blast From the Past: Earth: 2025 Review

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 15, 2011; By Charles Rector
Type: Review

As some of you are aware, the pioneering Browser-Based strategy game Earth: 2025 went out of business some time ago.  However, just for the sake of nostalgia, I thought that it would be fun to run the review that I wrote up about Earth: 2025 back in 2004 that was published on the original version of OMGN at:



Earth: 2025 was one of the first browser-based games and certainly the first one to gain a mass audience. As such, this was a game that was perfectly positioned to become a breakout game capable of reaching an audience rivaling that of store-bought games.

However, the creators/admins of Earth: 2025 have not kept their game updated and hence fresh. For the last few years, the game is basically unchanged, much to its detriment. There is little more interaction between the creators of the game and the players other than admin announcements that are rare.

Earth: 2025 is your basic free browser-based strategy game that revolves around land acreage. While other games of this genre such as TEQ have successfully experimented with new ideas, the makers of Earth: 2025 have stuck to timeworn formulas much to the detriment of the players.

As with other games in this genre, there are certain strategies to follow for maximum success. However, unlike other games such as TEQ, the choice of strategies is quite limited. Many long-running clans in the game require their members to choose from no more than 3 or 4 set strategies and no deviance from them is permitted. Other games such as TEQ allow for far more choices than what Earth: 2025 has to offer.

Earth: 2025 is a game with an ugly interface that is devoid of either graphics or artwork. The gameplay and replayablity both leave much to be desired. The only real saving grace to this game is the community which is one of the absolute best in browser-based gaming. However, this is despite the makers of the game who have not endowed their game with either a decent in-game messaging system or a really good forum. Instead, what has happened over the years is that the players have created a certifiable galaxy of fansites, clansites & other game related websites. In other words, the best part of Earth: 2025 is really created by the players themselves.

If you are new to acreage games, then a round or 2 of Earth: 2025 will do quite well as an introduction to the genre. However, there are many other games of this type out there that are both more enjoyable not to mention more innovative than Earth: 2025.


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