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Scorching Shrapnel Games Summer Sale

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 22, 2011; By Charles Rector
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From the folks at Shrapnel Games :



Eight Games For Eight Days

Scorching Shrapnel Games Summer Sale Starts Now!

Eight days that will shake the world! Join Shrapnel Games as we
unleash a very special summer sale, a sale designed to free you from
the confines of your false reality! Pierce the veil and bathe in the
wombs of the eight worlds before you. Spit upon the mundane, bind the
monotonous, and lust for that which is oh so sublime. As a journeyman
of time and space rule the ancient lands of Mesopotamia! Crush your
enemies as Europe burns! Descend into the darkness and slay the great
beast! Watch for the Fire in the Sky!

From July 20th until July 27th Shrapnel Games is pleased to offer
discounts on eight titles meant to lift you out of the summer
doldrums. Eight titles featuring plenty of variety from each other,
there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition on sale for $34.95. Do you dream of hexes?
The ultimate turn-based tactical computer wargame, winSPWW2 is every
wargamer’s desire. Covering not only the Second World War but the
years leading up to it, winSPWW2 (based on the classic Steel Panthers
series) features literally hundreds of scenarios, and about every
piece of important hardware that saw action, or could have, during the
‘30s and ‘40s. Campaigns, random battles, multiplayer, and the ability
to create your own scenarios ensures this is one game that keeps on
giving and giving.

Space HoRSE on sale for only $24.95. Not every battle involves
firepower. Some involve money. Enjoy intergalactic wheeling and
dealing in this sci-fi economic strategy game that’s fun for young and
old alike. An homage to M.U.L.E., Space HoRSE is fast playing,
colorful, with plenty of surprises to keep the replay value high.
Discover the joy of the deal in Space HoRSE.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War on sale for $31.95. There is no
Team America, there is only Joint Task Force Iron. Command the very
best ground forces the US and ROK have to offer as you head north,
intent on striking down the serpent that is the DPRK. Intense
real-time strategy gaming featuring the most realistic portrayal of
modern warfare found on your PC, playable against the challenging
computer opponent or other players.

War Plan Pacific on sale for $34.95. Take an epic conflict spanning
the world’s largest ocean that lasted four years. Distill it down into
a wargame that is playable in a single session and yet manages to
retain its historical accuracy. Congratulations, you have War Plan
Pacific. Designed for maximum playability, War Plan Pacific is a grand
strategic title that features massive naval action, sweeping island
hopping campaigns, and multiple victory conditions. And yes, Japan
actually has a chance of winning…at least in game terms.

Bronze on sale for $24.95. Bronze is a game of conquest in the ancient
world featuring several distinct and historically accurate
civilizations. It is not what you would expect from such a game
though, instead choosing a path of innovation and creativity. In this
puzzle/strategy title enjoy battling for supremacy in Mesopotamia in
campaigns, quick matches, and the ultimate play mode—survival. Games
are playable in minutes, and with its Eurogame-like feel Bronze will
appeal to a wide variety of strategy gamers. Forget heading down to
the local coffee shop to get your tile placing fix when you can do it
all in the comfort of your own home.

World Supremacy on sale for $24.95. From the developer behind the best
selling Space Empires series comes World Supremacy, the game of modern
world domination. Part Axis and Allies, part Superpowers, and all
amazing, World Supremacy allows up to eight players to battle for
control of a randomly created world using contemporary weapons of war.
Take the fight to your opponents using armor, helicopters, attack
submarines, nuclear bombs, and more. A simple research tree and basic
economic model add to your strategies. With player controlled starting
variables, map randomization, and full modding capabilities, World
Supremacy offers quite a bang for the buck.

Air Command 3.0 on sale for only $29.95. Try your hand out at a
completely different kind of strategy game. In Air Command 3.0 players
take on the role of air traffic controllers at various airports
(expandable to an additional 34 airports by purchasing the expansion
pack), directing air traffic and doing your best to avoid mayhem.
Scenarios are playable in minutes and feature plenty of realism, from
true-to-life doppler precipitation patterns to jumbled communications.
An editor is included allowing airports from small town sized to
international hubs to be created. This may not be your usual strategy
game, but it’s as addictive as tank warfare or anything the realms of
fantasy has to offer.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa on sale for $21.95. Create a
character, light your lantern, and head down into the dungeon to
defeat the Medusa in this Rogue-like action RPG. Eighty levels of
randomly generated dungeons, dozens of critters bent on your demise,
scores of items to loot, and twenty levels of character experience
make this a very hefty dungeoncrawl. Not only is it a dungeoncrawl,
it’s a complete dungeoncrawl toolkit. Using nothing but general
Windows applications Scallywag can be completely modded, from the
simple such as changing a monster’s stat to total conversions.
Experience the best of two worlds today!

And Ten Years Of Weirdness!

And not only are we offering these eight games for eight days but as a
bonus we’re featuring some really awesome discounts on Digital Eel
games to celebrate their 10th anniversary! Read on!

Ten years ago the independent studio known as Digital Eel was
unleashed onto the gaming world. Whether the official story of three
industry veterans wanting to create fun and ingenious games is to
believed, or the unofficial story involving aliens, pods, and a waffle
griddle, it doesn’t matter because however they came to be the gaming
world is a better place because of it.

To mark a decade of strange worms, odd blobs, insane boxes, cryptic
candy, and bizarre worlds Shrapnel Games is pleased to offer some
fantastic savings on both BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity and Weird
Worlds: Return to Infinite Space.

BRAINPIPE, normally sells for $14.95 but for the next eight days to
honor ten years of Eelness we’re taking ten dollars off! That’s right,
the mind blowing game of inner discovery featuring an award-winning
soundscape is only $4.95!!! Available for both Windows and Mac, take
the twisted journey for again, $4.95!!!

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, available for both Windows and
Mac, is the most epic game you’ll ever play in under twenty minutes. A
thrilling space opera on your desktop, this award-winning classic
normally sells for $24.95 but for the next eight days can be purchased
for only $16.95! Another great bargain, and one that won’t be repeated
again soon so grab your towel and head off to infinity and beyond for
about the cost of a pizza!

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