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X-Men: First Class (2011) Movie Review Rough Draft

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 22, 2011; By Charles Rector
Type: Review

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X-Men: First Class is an attempt to resuscitate the fortunes of the sagging 
X-Men movie franchise.  However, instead of adding a new sequel to the series, the producers decided to instead create a new series of X-Men flicks.  In other words, X-Men: First Class is really a reboot of the X-Men cinematic effort.

This is not exactly unusual with Hollywood.  Series reboots are much more common than most folks think.  For instance, Batman Begins was a reboot of the Batman franchise following the Burton/Schumacher flicks.  Also, reboots can be a good thing in that they can allow franchises that had gotten on the  wrong track to get their act together.  One can make the case that the X-Men franchise was one that really needed rebooting.

However, instead of trying to improve upon the previous X-Men movies, what the producers did was to make a flick that was as cheesy as cheesy can be.
The plot made little sense from beginning to end and included a fantasy
version of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The only really outstanding aspects of this motion picture were the cinematography and special effects.  Everything else was dreadful.   

In the X-Men comic books, Professor Charles Xavier aka Professor X was an American who founded the X-Men to fight for truth, justice and the American way.  In this movie, Professor X is a Britisher who decided to mess around with other "mutants" for purposes that were unclear except for the vague notion of doing good.  

However, there are mutants who disagreed with Professor X and his love of doing good in service to humanity.  Chief among these is one Magneto who gravitates towards the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) aka the Soviet Union.  Magneto enlisted others in the cause to wreak havoc around the world on behalf of their Soviet masters.  The plot of the movie was thus set up to lead to an absurd confrontation off the coast of Cuba in the Autumn of 1962.  

Perhaps the worst aspect of this movie was its ending.  Instead of having
a real ending, it has a perfect setup for a sequel.  This is bad form on the part of the producers and is indicative of the creative rot that Hollywood has settled into.  

All in all, X-Men: First Class was a dreadful movie.  The acting was atrocious while the script was illogical and made little sense.  The only saving grace to this flick was its cinematography and especially its special effects.  The latter really deserves at least an Academy Award  nomination.  However, excellent special effects cannot save an otherwise horrible movie unless you are only interested in eye candy and popcorn.  Save your money and avoid this turkey at all costs.

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