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Bodycount Newsletter Premiere Issue

Charles Rector's Weblog; Aug. 26, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Welcome to the first Bodycount newsletter!

In the darkest depths of Guildford in the UK, a crack team of coders,
artists, designers and testers are working on Codemasters' next FPS
game, Bodycount. If you don't know much about the game then get ready
for an all-out info-assault on your senses. Bodycount is gun ecstasy - a
colourful arcade shooter, packing intense firefights, shreddable
environments and a mouth-watering arsenal of super-charged weaponry! Hit
the play button on our latest gameplay trailer and for a taster of the 
game that puts fun into the FPS...

Community Q&A

Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter or our forums we always strive keep
you up to date on Bodycount. After our most recent call for questions,
we ripped Bodycount Game Director Andy Wilson away from the game and
demanded answers.


How many players total for multiplayer? - via Facebook


In Bodycount you can jump into a free-for-all Deathmatch with up to 12
players, or you can club together with friends for some 6v6 action in
Team Deathmatch. For an extra challenge, check out our two-player co-op
horde mode, where you fight waves upon waves of increasingly dangerous
enemies, each absolutely determined to wipe you out.


How many levels will there be? - via Playstation Blog


Bodycount takes you on a bullet-strewn tour of 14 locations spread over
17 missions. Across three acts you'll explore shanty towns in Africa,
dangerous city streets in Asia and infiltrate the huge high-tech bases
of your mysterious enemy, the 'Target'.


What's Bodycount's release date?


Bodycount will be coming out on the 30th August in the US and 2nd
September in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Want to know more? Then check out the entire Q&A session. :

Sound Spotlight

What are great guns and epic explosions without great, epic sounds?
Nothing, that's what. To understand just how important sound is to the
overall experience, we sat down with Bodycount's audio team to see what
they spend their days and nights working on, from SFX to the full game
In our first Sound Spotlight :
James Slavin, Audio Director on Bodycount, takes you through the music
used in the title screen of Bodycount and sets the tone for the game.
Hear it evolve from ominous and eerie ambience into a brooding score
that sounds as if it came straight from a thrilling spy movie.

Keep an eye on Facebook : 
and Twitter :
for the next instalments in our Sound Spotlight series.

- The Bodycount Team

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