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IGDA Perspectives Newsletter, September 2011

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 1, 2011; By Charles Rector
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Welcome to the latest issue of the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter.Friend on FacebookFollow on TwitterForward to a FriendSeptember 2011 | Leadership
Leadership is a hot topic in the game industry. Everyone seems to have strong opinions. Do we have great leaders? Icons? Do we have terrible leaders? Supervillains? Or just a bunch of people dodging and weaving their way through a tough business full of pitfalls and snipers. There are certainly a lot of different kinds of leaders in the game industry, from team leaders to CEO's to celebrities.

This issue of IGDA Perspectives takes a look at leadership and dovetails with the IGDA Leadership Forum coming up in just a few weeks.

That's an entire conference aimed at taking leadership in the game industry to the next level. It covers everything from personal leadership skills to starting and running your own company. If you lead anybody - or ever want to - you need to read this issue of IGDA Perspectives (online or on e-reader) and go to the IGDA Leadership Forum.

-- Gordon Bellamy, Executive Director, IGDA

Write for us! November's newsletter theme is Diversity. Please send articles and images to Editor-in-Chief Beth Aileen Lameman by or before Friday, October 7.
Leading for HappinessPositive Power Up: Leading for Happiness!By Scott Crabtree
A number of studies have found that when we are in a positive state of mind, we are more creative, energetic, productive, resilient, cooperative, sociable, and healthier. Happiness widens the scope of attention and increases behavioral repertoire. Anyone will make better games if they are happier! ... Read More
Feedback loopsFeedback Loops in Game Production

By Keith Fuller
In my final year of my Computer Science degree I interned at Johnson Controls, a company that deals in HVAC (i.e. heating and air conditioning) for large buildings. During my time there, I learned about feedback loops …Read More

IndiespectiveIndieSpective: Leadership Indie Style

By Robert Madsen
Lead by example. Sounds trite. Heard it a thousand times, right? What does leadership look like in the indie environment? Does it look better or worse than, say, in a AAA studio? Or compared to a large corporation? ...Read More

Time TrackingDestination: Time Tracking, Mission: Kick A$$By Angela Bühler
Nothing is an indie game developer in the Swiss capital.  Within Nothing, a team of designers and developers is specialized in game production. The founders – a pair of brothers – have been busy in those fields since the early 90ies ... Read More
Leadership Forum 2011Register NowOctober 27th & 28th, 2011 in Los Angeles, California - The IGDA Leadership Forum is the premier event for producers, team leaders, project managers, studio directors, and all others seeking to learn and share techniques for leading teams in creating successful games.Register today
Designing a LeaderDesigning a Leader

By Alexandra Rodriguez
You’re a leader. You’ve led every day since day one. Believe it or not, you’re leading right now. What are you leading? Your life. Congratulations! But before you run into your office proclaiming you’re ready to lead, you have a decision to make ...Read More

Hear Her RoarHear Her (Dino) Roar: Leadership Thoughts From a Female Games Exec

By Mary Kurek
We all know the challenges that particularly face indies down under, but, add to that the unique role of female developer/manager, and you’ve got a situation where leadership is not just a necessity…it’s critical. I asked Aileen Bautista to share a little about how she accomplished the nearly impossible ... Read More

The Glass is Half FulThe Glass is Half FullBy George Hufnagl
When my My Escape teammate and designer, Duane Beckett, initially proposed game developer marriage to me a year and a half ago, my immediate response of “A thousand times yes!” felt right, for I was eager to embark on such an exciting and complicated adventure. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health bars, and until death do us game over, I vowed to commit to its cause, and, like any endeavor of this scope undertaken for the first time, I could only imagine what opportunities or misfortunes would come our way... Read MoreGDAMGame Design Aspect of the Month: The Cost of SimplicityBy Ryon Levitt
As a designer and long time gamer, I learned one important aspect of simplicity in games the hard way—costs. Cost is something that is not often considered by players and even new arrivals to the design field. Sure, people toss around budget approximations (a $10,000,000 budget), but until you’ve entered the industry and dealt with the budget, the number exists in a black box ... Read More follow on Twitter | friend on Facebook | forward to a friend Copyright © 2011 International Game Developers Association, All rights reserved.



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