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August 12, 2011

Summertime Greetings from

* New: The Classic Whodunits of Philo Vance
* New Digital Downloads Now Available
* Spotlight on "The Big Show"
* New in Pulp Fiction
* Deal of the Day
* And in Closing.. 

New: The Classic Whodunits of Philo Vance

When we think of radio's detective shows, we tend to think of the film noir adventures of such great names as Phillip Marlowe and Johnny Dollar. But not all of radio's criminal investigators came dressed in gumshoes and rumpled trench coats. In fact, one of the most popular and long-running series featured a detective who was something of a dandy - and his name was Philo Vance.

Vance first appeared in a series of novels written by S. S. Van Dine. In the books, Vance was portrayed as a stylish fop, a New York bon vivant with a highly intellectual bent - and a nose-in-the-air attitude to match. But by the time he hit the airwaves, he was far less a know-it-all and far more down to earth. As portrayed by radio veteran Jackson Beck, Vance was knowledgeable but accessible, working closely with the police to solve their most baffling crimes.

For armchair detectives, the series offered an extra bonus: in traditional whodunit fashion, at the end of each show, Vance would usually gather the suspects, restate all of the clues, and then pause a moment before announcing the name of the person responsible for the crime. This subtle little feature, along with excellent performances by the cream of the New York radio world, resulted in a series that was popular on radio stations throughout the country for many, many years. 

If you're a mystery buff, you can't go wrong with "Philo Vance, Volume 5", another great sounding classic radio collection from Radio Archives. The set offers sixteen of Vance's most fascinating cases - eight full hours of murder, mischief, and mayhem - priced at $23.98 for the eight audio CD set or $15.98 for the Digital Download. Stop by and pick up your copy right away!

New Digital Downloads Now Available
If you're one of the millions of people who everyday spend their commute listening to audio entertainment on a portable device or cell phone, you'll be excited to hear that Radio Archives has just added a dozen new downloadable audio collections to the Digital Downloads page

* "Johnny Dollar" star Bob Bailey is featured in "Let George Do It", four volumes of offbeat detective adventures transferred from original master recordings for sparkling audio fidelity. These collections contain many adventures that haven't been heard since their original broadcast more than sixty years ago!

* Screen star Jeff Chandler plays a hard-boiled New Orleans detective in "The New Adventures of Michael Shayne", based on the character created by Brett Holliday. Fully restored from the original transcriptions, you'll thrill to the complete run of this tough and action-packed series in two great sounding collections.

* The top dance bands of the early 1930s are starred in "The Cocoanut Grove Ambassadors", a series of extremely rare musical broadcasts from the early days of radio. Featured in these two ten-hour collections are such bandleaders as Gus Arnheim, Phil Harris, Ted FioRito, and Jimmy Grier.

* "Wake Up, America! It's Time to Stump the Experts!" as Clifton Fadiman hosts forty full-length episodes of "Information Please", one of the wittiest and most fascinating quiz shows ever to hit the airwaves. These delightful programs are sure to challenge your intellect as you match wits with such literary lights as Franklin P. Adams, John Gunther, Oscar Levant, and Ben Hecht.

* Finally, Staats Cotsworth stars in "Casey, Crime Photographer", a lighthearted mystery/detective series about a top news photographer covering events for the Morning Express. Featuring forty full-length shows from the very best years of the series, you'll enjoy crystal clear audio fidelity in these two engrossing collections.

These are just some of the many wonderful shows and series you'll find available for download - and, if you prefer CDs, they're all available as attractively packaged audio compact disc collections, too!

Digital Downloads from Radio Archives bring you the best of everything: great shows, great selection, great sound quality, and all at great prices, too! Stop by today and see what's waiting for you!

Spotlight on "The Big Show"
With a price tag of $100,000 per week - that's close to a million bucks in today's dollars - "The Big Show" was a 90-minute extravaganza that featured the absolute cream of the entertainment world. This amazing variety show was hosted by "the glamorous, unpredictable" Tallulah Bankhead and featured Meredith Willson conducting a 44-piece orchestra and a 16-voice chorus. But, entertaining as these two were together, it wasn't Talloo and Meredith that listeners tuned in to hear; it was the guest stars that made the series such a phenomenal experience. Consider this line-up: Louis Armstrong, Bob Hope, Deborah Kerr, Frankie Laine, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, and Dorothy McGuire. You'd expect a program with this array of talent to be an extra-special event - but no; that's the cast of a typical show from December of 1950.

For today's listeners, it's nearly impossible to imagine that a lavish series like "The Big Show" could ever have existed, let alone run for two full seasons. But, as host Tallulah Bankhead reassured us, "all it takes is courage, vision...and a king-sized bundle of dough." Now, thanks to expert transfers from the original master recordings and complete state-of-the art audio restorations, 25 full-length broadcasts of "The Big Show" are available in five audio compact disc sets and five digital download collections from The shows are a virtual time capsule of big-time entertainment from the mid-20th century - but, what's more important, they're a lot of fun, too!

New in Pulp Fiction
Pulp fiction fans are thrilling to the new audiobook adventures of Doc Savage, thanks to "Python Isle" and "White Eyes", the two new Man of Bronze CD sets and downloads available But avid readers know that Radio Archives also carries an extensive line of beautifully reformatted reprints, each featuring two novels from the Golden Age of the pulps.

Three brand new and just released editions of these double-novel reprints are now available from Radio Archives:

"The Spider Volume 20", featuring two thrill-packed adventures written by Norvell Page and Wayne Rogers: "The Devil's Candlesticks" and "Revolt of the Underworld"

"The Shadow Volume 51", in which the Knight of Darkness battles strange supercrime in two thrillers by Walter Gibson: "The Living Joss" and "Judge Lawless".

"Doc Savage Volume 49" offers two tales of action and excitement, written by Lester Dent and featuring the Man of Bronze and his daredevil cousin Patricia Savage: "The Terror in the Navy" and "Waves of Death".

All three of these new issues, priced at just $14.95 each, feature classic cover art, interior illustrations, and many special features. Make your source for the very best in pulp fiction classics!

Deal of the Day
If you're looking for a smart way to stretch your entertainment dollar, you can't do better than theDeal of the Day, a new feature now available at!

Stop by our home page and look for the blue Deal of the Day box. Click on it and you'll find today's special deal waiting for you, selected from the vast array of products available DVDs, pulp fiction books, CD sets - you'll find all these and more at discounts so low you'll just have to have them for your personal library.

Great entertainment at great prices - that's the Deal of the Day from!

And in Closing...
We'd like to close this week's newsletter with a couple of the nice comments we've recently received from our customers:

Joseph Dombi writes: 
I honestly only picked up the first volume of "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" because it was the Deal of the Day when I placed my Doc Savage order. I had never heard of the show before, but the price was just to good to pass up. What a terrific show! I am now absolutely hooked and everything that is written about Bob Bailey's performance is right on the mark. He is PERFECTLY cast as Johnny Dollar. My order for Volume 2 is coming soon! 

Larry Scheflin writes: 
I've been listening to "Python Isle" and I must say that Michael McConnohie has done an excellent job. His voice characterizations are a joy. Kudos to all and thanks for a wonderful listening experience. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. 

Our sincere thanks to both of these gentlemen for letting us know their thoughts. If you'd like to share a comment with us - or if you have a question or a suggestion - send an email or call us toll-free at 800-886-0551. We'd love to hear from you.!

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