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August 5, 2011

It's the Radio Archives Newsletter!

* New Digital Downloads Now Available
* Doc Savage Stars in New Audiobook Adventure
* New in Pulp Fiction
* Deal of the Day
* Hilarious Comedy with "Amos 'n' Andy"
* Letters, We Get Letters...

New Digital Downloads Now Available is proud to have attracted customers from all over the world, with a sizable number of fans in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and even as far away as South Africa. But, until recently, many of our international customers had to limit the size or frequency of their orders due to the cost of postage. Now, thanks to the new and ever-expanding line of digital downloads available from, anyone anywhere can enjoy our classic radio shows and audiobooks - with no waiting and no delivery charges!

And there's no compromise on quality, either! All of the digital downloads from RadioArchives.comcome to you as high quality MP3 files, encoded at 128 kpbs for our monophonic classic radio shows and 256 kbps for our stereo audiobooks, both with a sampling rate of 44,100. Place your order, pay for your downloads, and within minutes you'll be enjoying some great audio entertainment.

* Legendary screen comedian Harold Lloyd hosts "The Old Gold Comedy Theatre", a long-lost series of broadcasts featuring many of the top names from the stage, radio, and motion pictures. These hilarious shows were transferred and restored from Lloyd's own personal recording library.

* "Perry Mason" star Raymond Burr plays the commander of a remote cavalry outpost in "Fort Laramie", one of the best western series ever produced for radio. Created by the same team that brought you "Gunsmoke", these two volumes bring you the complete series of forty full-length episodes.

* Speaking of "Gunsmoke", actor Ken Curtis achieved fame as Festus on this long-running television series. But years before he played Marshall Dillon's sidekick, Curtis was a singing cowboy of the silver screen and the host of his own musical radio series, "The Chuck-Wagon Jamboree" brings you two ten-hour collections of this popular show, which features the sort of down-home melodies that everyone knows and loves.

* Finally, from Australia comes "The Adventures of Marco Polo", produced by and starring the talents of George Edwards, "The Man of a Thousand Voices". Restored from the only set of original recordings known to exist, this exciting fifty-episode serial takes listeners to the exotic and dangerous lands of the Far East to meet the legendary emperor Kubla Khan.

These are just a few of the many wonderful shows and series you'll find available for download - and, if you prefer CDs, they're all available as attractively packaged audio compact disc collections, too!

Digital Downloads from Radio Archives bring you the best of everything: great shows, great selection, great sound quality, and all at great prices, too! Whether you live in Tennessee, Toronto, or Timbuktu, stop by today and see what's waiting for you!

Doc Savage Stars in New Audiobook Adventure

The place: New York City. During the depths of the Great Depression, in the shadow of streamlined skyscrapers, reporters scramble for clues about an insidious wave of bizarre deaths - everyday citizens struck dead, the eyes in their lifeless bodies turned a sightless and ghastly white. The Blind Death has the teeming city paralyzed with fear; in desperation, civic leaders turn to the one man who can discover who or what is behind this gruesome series of murders: Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze. 

From his offices high above the city, Doc and his band of trusted colleagues soon uncover a terrifying scheme to gather together all of the city's criminal elements as a single and seemingly undefeatable force. Their intent: to seize the wealth of the Man of Bronze and destroy him once and for all!

"White Eyes", the second in a new line of audiobook adventures from, is an epic tale of crime from the pen of Will Murray, heir apparent to Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage. Featuring dramatic narration by Richard Epcar, "White Eyes" is a roller coaster ride of action and excitement that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Produced and directed by Roger Rittner, who joined with Will Murray to bring you both "The Adventures of Doc Savage" radio series and the thrilling audiobook "Python Isle", "White Eyes" brings you ten hours of engrossing entertainment. Now available as both a ten audio compact disc collection priced at Just $31.98and a ten hour digital download priced at Just $21.98, this new release also features evocative cover art by Joe DeVito and two fascinating and exclusive audio interviews with the author.

Join the Man of Bronze for a suspenseful tale of action and adventure in "White Eyes", the new Doc Savage audiobook now available from!

New in Pulp Fiction
Pulp fiction fans are thrilling to the new audio adventures of Doc Savage, thanks to the three Man of Bronze audio collections available from But avid readers know that Radio Archives also carries an extensive line of beautifully reformatted reprints, each featuring two novels from the Golden Age of the pulps. Three brand new and just released editions of these double-novel reprints are now available from

"The Spider Volume 20", featuring two thrill-packed adventures written by Norvell Page and Wayne Rogers: "The Devil's Candlesticks" and "Revolt of the Underworld"

"The Shadow Volume 51", in which the Knight of Darkness battles strange supercrime in two thrillers by Walter Gibson: "The Living Joss" and "Judge Lawless".

"Doc Savage Volume 49" offers two tales of action and excitement , written by Lester Dent and featuring the Man of Bronze and his daredevil cousin Patricia Savage: "The Terror in the Navy" and "Waves of Death".

All three of these new issues, priced at just $14.95 each, feature classic cover art, interior illustrations, and many special features. Make your source for the very best in pulp fiction classics!

Deal of the Day
Looking for a great deal? Then you can't go wrong with the Deal of the Day, a new feature now available at!

When you visit our home page, look for the blue Deal of the Day box on the top right hand side. Click on it and you'll see today's special deal. Sometimes a pulp reprint, other times a book, a DVD, or a compact disc collection, these limited time bargains are available at a fraction of their regular price - and there's no minimum purchase required!

Visit often and check out the Deal of the Day. It's a great way to stretch your budget, add to your personal library, and enjoy some timeless entertainment!

Hilarious Comedy with "Amos 'n' Andy"
For over thirty years, they were two of the most popular and beloved characters on radio, enjoyed by millions of listeners who tuned in to laugh at their weekly misadventures. Created and portrayed by Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, "Amos 'n' Andy" remains a classic that continues to delight listeners to this very day. carries five collections of their most hilarious shows, available as both audio compact disc sets and digital downloads, and they're among our most popular and best-selling items.

If you'd like to hear an hilarious clip from "Amos 'n' Andy", in which the ever-gullible Andrew H. Brown and the ever-conniving George "Kingfish" Stevens haggle over the purchase of a Thanksgiving turkey, be sure to listen to the audio version of this newsletter by clicking on the colorful banner at the top of this newsletter.

Enjoy over 100 episodes of "Amos 'n' Andy" in a series of fully restored audio collections

Letters, We Get Letters...
In each issue of the Radio Archives Newsletter, we share our thoughts about all of the wonderful products we have to offer. But we know that it's what our customers think that really matters! That's why, on our website, you'll see hundreds of comments and reviews from people just like you, sharing their thoughts on our books, DVDs, CD sets, and digital downloads.

Recently, we've noticed a number of customers have "weighed in' with their opinions of "Python Isle", the Doc Savage audiobook adventure:

Arthur Sippo writes:
Will Murray tells a great Doc Savage story and really 'channels' Lester Dent's spirit and talent. The performance by Michael McConnohie is stunning. He does so many voices so well it is almost like a full cast production! The production values are high. The presentation is superior. A superb product all around. I eagerly await the next volume in this series.

From Littleton, Colorado, Dale writes:
Absolutely fantastic! The narrator did all kinds of different voices for all the characters and kept everything very well paced. All audiobooks should be like this one.

If you have a comment, a review, or an opinion regarding our products or service, why not stop and post it to our website or drop a line to Share your thoughts with your fellow customers; they'd all like to know what you think - and we would, too!

Listen to this Newsletter! 
Enjoy this newsletter as an Audio Podcast! Click anywhere in the colorful banner at the top and you'll automatically hear the Radio Archives Newsletter, enhanced with narration, music, and clips from our latest collections! This audio version of our regular newsletter is a pleasant and convenient way to hear all about our latest products, as well as the newest pulp fiction reprints, special offers, and much, much more!

The products you've read about in this newsletter are just a small fraction of what you'll find waiting for you at Whether it's the sparkling audio fidelity of our classic radio collections, the excitement of our new line of audiobooks, the timeless novels of the pulp heroes, great books from Moonstone, or our many DVD classics, you'll find hundreds of intriguing items

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