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Trade Wars Rising Special Anomalies Game

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 25, 2011; By Charles Rector
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SYLIEN GAMES SPECIAL EVENTOctober 20th 2011ANOMALIES TRADEWARS RISING GAME EVENT – GAME STARTSimply click to Join and go to PLAY. The ANOMALIES game should be at the top. 


This is what the game will look like:

  • huge universe at 80x80 sectors
  • large amount of Turns at 5000 per day (bank at 10000)
  • HiClassic winning conditions
  • Allies and corporations (5 per team max) allowed
  • 2 extra Class 0 ports (Vega and Antares)

Prizes: We are using the following Prize structure of 60 Premium days to the winner(s), second position gets 30 Premium days and third gets 20 Premium days. As usual, days are split between Corp members. 

Good luck and have fun!STAYING IN TOUCHOften we leave hints and other more up to date news directly on the Tradewars® Rising website, so visit it often to stay up to date. 

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Play, have fun, and be creative, always! 

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