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XCOR Aerospace Contest Press Release

Charles Rector's Weblog; Feb. 3, 2012; By Charles Rector
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XCOR Contact:
Mike Massee
XCOR Aerospace
Phone: (661) 824-4714 x127
Email: []

Final Call to Register and Win Suborbital Research Flight at Next Generation Suborbital
Researchers Conference (NSRC-2012)

XCOR's Lynx suborbital vehicle

January 30, 2012 Mojave, CA:  XCOR Aerospace and the  Southwest Research Institute
(SwRI) announce the final week to register  and become eligible to win a suborbital
research flight on XCOR's Lynx I  vehicle at the Next Generation Suborbital Researchers
Conference  (NSRC-2012) in Palo Alto, CA on February 27-29. The deadline for early
 conference registration and for entering the drawing is the 10th of  February at "We don't want the researcher, educator or  student attending NSRC-2012
to register late and miss this great  opportunity to advance their work," said Andrew
Nelson, Chief Operating  Officer of XCOR Aerospace. "We want as many as possible
 going to  NSRC-2012 to experience the possibilities of reusable suborbital  research
opportunities and have the chance to win a flight that would  otherwise cost $95,000
on Lynx, or up to $200,000 on competing  suborbital vehicles."
XCOR Aerospace, the industry leader in  fully reusable manned rocket-powered spacecraft
for suborbital research  operations and SwRI, globally recognized as a leader in
 the suborbital  research field, have made this flight available to promote the
start of  this revolutionary new capability for the educational, microgravity,
atmospheric and astronomical research community.
An additional  highlight of the meeting will be a keynote speech by former Apollo
 astronaut and X-15 Pilot Neil Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong will be speaking  about
his experience flying some of the first and most ground breaking  suborbital research
Additional NSRC invited speakers  include XCOR's Andrew Nelson speaking about Lynx
development, Challenger  Center Founding Director June Scobee Rodgers who will fly
as a teacher  in space, SwRI Associate Vice President Dr. Alan Stern, and NASA Ames
 Center Director Dr. Pete Worden. Engaging panels will bring together  researchers
in the microgravity, life, planetary, and atmospheric  sciences with suborbital
vehicle providers, market/policy analysts,  educators, and many others. Further
program highlights include an  exciting anchor keynote presentation by FAA Commercial
Space  Transportation Associate Administrator Dr. George Nield and a NASA  Flight
Opportunities Program workshop.
"NSRC-2012 is providing  the first ever opportunity for a researcher or educator
 to win a  suborbital research flight and to hear from suborbital research  pioneers,"
said Dr. Alan Stern, former NASA Associate Administrator for  Science, and now Associate
Vice President of Research and Development  for the Space Science and Engineering
Division at SwRI. "In addition  NSRC attendees will hear from colleagues across
numerous fields, the  suborbital flight community, and government officials about
the state of  this new industry and where it is headed. NSRC-2012 advance  registration
closes on 10 Feb, so get your seat and your chance to fly  for free on XCOR now!"
Registrants are encouraged to read the  Official Contest Rules available on the
XCOR website at: [].


XCOR Aerospace is a California corporation located in Mojave, California. The company
is in the business of developing and producing safe, reliable and reusable rocket
powered vehicles, propulsion systems, advanced non-flammable composites and other
enabling technologies. XCOR is working with aerospace prime contractors and government
customers on major propulsion systems, and concurrently building the Lynx, a piloted,
two-seat, fully reusable, liquid rocket powered vehicle that takes off and lands
 horizontally. The Lynx-family of vehicles serves three primary missions depending
on their specific type including: research & scientific missions, private spaceflight,
and micro satellite launch (only on the Lynx Mark III). The Lynx production models
(designated Lynx Mark II) are designed to be robust, multi-mission (research / scientific
or private spaceflight) commercial vehicles capable of flying to 100+ km in altitude
up to four times per day and are being offered on a wet lease basis. (

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is one
 of the oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, applied research and development
organizations in the United States.SwRI's 11 technical divisions offer a wide range
of technical expertise and services in such areas as chemistry, space science, nondestructive
evaluation, automation, engine design, mechanical engineering, electronics and more.
The Space Science and Engineering Division focuses on the development of scientific
payloads aboard scientific satellites, the International Space Station, reusable
 suborbital vehicles and sounding rockets. Institute teams formulate concepts, design
and manage complex hardware and data systems, develop advanced space borne instrumentation,
and address theoretical aspects of space physics and planetary astronomy. (

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