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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #28

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 26, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Dear Player,

We hope this newsletter finds you well!

SMR is proud to announce a new draft round has started, which is currently in the signup stage. The draft round is named Facing Worlds and the first pick will be going to Page.

What's New/Changed?

The new round will feature various changes to the game.
One of the major changes is the port restock rate, which is being changed to have the restock rate of a good be dependent upon its level.
A spreadsheet detailing the change can be found here:
But for the short version, here are the numbers:
Tier 1: 150 * game speed per hour.
Tier 2: 110 * game speed per hour.
Tier 3: 70 * game speed per hour.

The next major change is in starting newbie turns, vets now start a round with 250 newbie turns, whilst newbies continue to start with 500 newbie turns.

The final major change is to the credit system, which is as follows:
$1 USD == 10 SMR credits
For example:
Player Name Change --> 10 credits (unlimited uses, valid only in current round)
Ship Name --> 10 normal, 20 for html (1 round)
Ship Image --> 30 credits (1 round)
Some things that will be coming soon:Purchase Galaxy Maps <24 hours --> 50 credits
Purchase Galaxy Maps <48 hours --> 40 credits
Purchase Galaxy Maps <72 hours --> 30 credits
Purchase Galaxy Maps >72 hours --> 20 credits
Auto Refresh Forces --> 25 (1 month)
Increase Max turns by 100/per month --> 20 credits (Limit of ONE)

On top of this are some bugfixes which can be found in the in-game changelog as well as some upcoming changes/discussion from our last admin table discussion, including moving to open source, advertising, and new graphics, which is available here:

Turns for the draft game are set to start on Saturday 5th May at 15:00 GMT, however anyone that joins after this date will still be drafted into a team. The draft itself will start this weekend (28th/29th). Stay tuned to #SMR and to see who you are picked by. 

Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team
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