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IG Game Center Newsletter April 24th, 2012

Charles Rector's Weblog; Apr. 29, 2012; By Charles Rector
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IGGAMECENTER NEWSLETTERApril 24th 2012FREE MOMENTUM APP FOR iOSFor a limited time, the Momentum iPod/iPad application is free to download. Enjoy!NEW WEB GAME - CANNONCannon is a two-player game (invented in 2003 by David E. Whitcher) played on a board with 10 horizontal and 10 vertical lines. In the beginning, 10 dark and 15 light soldiers are placed on the intersections of these lines (each team color on specific intersections on opposite sides of the board. The objective of the game is to capture or “shoot” the opponent's town (which is a piece placed after the game has started) by moving soldiers following specific move patterns for moving, capturing, retreating or “shooting” enemy pieces or the opponent's town. 

Check out the rules for this one HERESTAYING IN TOUCHFor more information and news, feel free to visit the official igGameCenter site at igGameCenter website, so visit it often to stay up to date. 

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