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Two More Mika Kelly Press Releases

Charles Rector's Weblog; May. 10, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Save Across iOS Devices; Just In Time For Big Game Updates 


Shanghai, China-May 04, 2012--Shanghai Boyojoy Network Technology CO.,LTD announced today its entertainment and action game, Call of Gods EX for iOS,has received a stability and content update.  Now players can feel the anger of the gods and gather their army of heroes to create their own era!  The game is available for download now for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will be available for a limited time for free (May 4- May 11, 2012). For more information about the game, players can find it on the iTunes store at


"Being able to move from device to device and retain the same game has been a request from many Call of Gods EX players," said Mark Wong of Boyojoy. "We're pleased to provide this functionality alongside stability improvements and gameplay changes that will be sure to create a lot of excitement for our players!"


Cloud saving allows players to access the same game files from a variety of devices.  Move from the iPhone to the iPad and back again without losing any information.  Stability has also been added to all game servers to support this new change, and players will see a difference the first time they log in.  The game has also been adapted to an auto-patching system - no more having to download game updates from the App Store!


The current update also includes some bug fixes, alongside a new currency conversion from gold to silver, and an adjusted drop rate for key pieces of armor including advanced equipment.  It's great timing as the reinforcement system has also received several changes, allowing for a smoother update experience.  Call of Gods EX will continue to receive the best fantasy content and players are encouraged to leave a 5 star rating and any feedback they have on the game's page.


Classic mythology comes to life with exquisite content featuring 15 distinctive maps all in varied style with glaring effects and epic storylines.  Players will battle alongside 11 famous heroes of Greek mythology each possessing their own unique skills.  With thousands of pieces of equipment and random prosperities for each one, Call of the Gods EX will keep players challenged and engaged as they must continue to collect key elements for endless development.  Together with a rich cultivation mode capable of a variety of changeable cultivation of every hero, and up to 50 different fantastic achievements to collect, Call of Gods EX is as addictive as it is challenging!  Additionally, players can invite friends for intense PvP action that will help gain more ranking points thus becoming the God of the Arena! 

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About Boyojoy

Shanghai Boyojoy Network Technology CO.,LTD was founded in early 2010 as an affiliate of Hong Kong Huawen Group.  Hong Kong Huawen Online is the largest company dedicated to Chinese education and cultural diffusion. Our company has a long term of cooperation with Confucius Institute Headquarters and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of The State Council. And representatives of national constitution often come to the branch in Beijing for visiting and inspection.  For more information, please visit:




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Play As Your Favorite Mole In This Fast Paced Title Now on iTunes!


Shanghai, China (May 4th, 2012)- Taomee Network, a rapidly expanding company catering to the fast-paced mobile crowd, today launched the next game in their iOS "Mole's World" title series, Mole Kart.  With millions of downloads worldwide and a permanent place in the top 5 games downloaded from the appstore in its category, the Mole's World series encompasses numerous promising titles for all players young and old.  The game is available to download onto iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for free at 


Mole Kart allows players to take on the role of their favorite Mole from Mole's World and race to victory!  Easy to use but still holding numerous challenges, Mole Kart is intended for everyone from children to adults.  Each Mole has their own unique Kart with its own special abilities and traits. 


This isn't your average F1 race: both obstacles and tricky curves means drivers need to be in top shape to drive.  Explore every course carefully for the best route for each individual character in single player mode, then pit your racing skills against others in a full online multiplayer mode.  Is your racing time the best?  Prove it!


Mole Kart is the newest title in the Mole family of games, which include Mole's World and Mole Baby. 


Mole Kart Key Features:


.         Play your favorite Mole World characters!


.         Different Karts for each character


.         Variety of Race Tracks


.         Play single player or online



About Taomee Holdings Limited 

Taomee Holdings Limited is one of the leading children's entertainment and media companies in China with a mission to create exceptional entertainment experiences for children that are fun, safe and trusted by parents. Taomee has created online virtual worlds with enduring and iconic characters, images and story lines that have resonated and attracted a loyal following among children in China. As of June 2010, Taomee was ranked as the largest online entertainment community for children in China measured by market share and active accounts, according to a report from iResearch. Taomee has expanded into offline business by licensing its franchises to other media formats including books, films and television and makers of consumer products targeting children.


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