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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #11

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Here's a golden oldie:




That's right, it's another Space Merchant Realms newsletter to inform, entertain, and clutter up your email box. Let's begin...




Heard in the Community:


Recent days have seen the return of some long absent players to the web board and to the game. SilverX2, Hypno (Rat Fighter), and Elvon are among the ones sighted. Some players are coming over from the now defunked SM game. Some are just returned from a long and well deserved break. Whatever the reason, the SMR admin team wants to welcome these players back. Cheers!


New Online Game Ranking:


Space Merchant Realms has been added to the Mutiplayer Online Game ranking site where players vote for their favorite games. With the help of our growing community and their constant votes, SMR can easily make the top of this list.


Vote for SMR here: -------------------------------------------------------------------


From the Galactic Post: You Know Your A Hard Core SMR player when...


When you can't stand up cause you been sitting for 10 hours straight hitting the current sector button. When during math class your figuring out how much xp your gonna make and planning a build schedule for your planet. When you can tell if your alive or not just by looking at your turn count. When you've been late for (insert event here) because the stupid PB took longer than it should. When you gotta go to the bathroom bad but are in the middle of a PB When you start using SMR language to people that don't even play the game. You have calculated the exact turn, time, and cash cost to build your planet to level 70. You can talk about all the people you've killed and aren't afraid of being arrested. When you say you have an important meeting to your girlfreind but really it's a PB You decline social invitations explaining, "I'm attacking a planet."


The Incursion, part II He awoke to the sound of thunder. But no thunder shook the ground....he rose from his bed and rushed to the window. Looking out, Jeremy could see thin colored beams dancing along the ground, as well as great green fireballs falling from space and pounding the surface below. The distant town of Outlook was under an orbital siege, and in no time at all the fierce storm of the Creonti fleet would reach his hometown of New Roma. When he walked into the kitchen, his mother Martha was on the phone talking to her friend. Apparently they were discussing the idea of fleeing the planet, running from their home and leaving this alien danger behind. At the onset of the war, Jeremy had had similar thoughts, yet as it progressed, he became more and more sure that a different course of action was required. He had taken hundreds of space flight classes, far more than his peers, in constant preparation to become the Chief Pilot upon an Imperial Class Destroyer. After witnessing the fear in his mother, which was most certainly not limited to her, he took a shower and prepared for the day. Grabbing his few belongings, Jeremy left the house and began to slow walk towards City Center.


------------------------------------------------------------------- News from the Current Game: Fungal Infection


The new round started on 5/28/2006 and is called Fungal Infection. Players picked the map this time, voting on the web board for their favorite among several different choices. Prince Valiant, Ardbeg, XDemonX, Grey, and DragonLancer all submitted ideas. A run-off vote was held for the favorites: Grey's and Ardbeg's. Finally, the players got their choice going with Ardbeg's and with some modifications by B.O.B. it was put into play. Hunters have gotten off to an unusually early start and despite the usual spate of port raids, there is still alot of money to be made out there. On the alliance front, some old alliances like System Failure, System Success, and Crusaders College are continuing this round. A few brand new ones are coming to life, such as State Force, ERA, >Go Die, and some alliances like The Elves are returning after a hiatus. Still others like Veil of Avalon and 5/28/2006 9:26:53 PM are long time alliances taking on themed names this time around. As for head-to-head battles, the only real fight to be found amongst the galaxies has been between System Failure and 5/28/2006 9:26:53 PM. These two alliances have fought steadily throughout the game and now as the round's end approaches, it appears that 5/28/2006 is getting the upper hand. That could easily change however in the constant shifting of the tides of war. The current game ends on 8/13/2006, so there's still lots of time to join in the fun! New Code Delayed Because of problems found in the Race Wars and a desire to get a new game up and running, the Admins decided to hold off on putting the revised code into the main game. The good news is that Azool has continued to work on the code. Once the issues are corrected and the changes are fully tested, the new code will be put in place for everyone to enjoy.




That's all for this time, SMR folks. Keep your eyes peeled for the next newsletter, chock full of news and info from the best damned game on the Internet!


Thank you, SMR Support Team

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