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Trex Mercenaries Treasury In Space Merchant GameLoft Newbie Game #1

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 2, 2012; By Charles Rector
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GameLoft Newbie Game #1 was possibly the greatest game ever played in the entire history of Space Merchant. Nearly 20,000 players signed up for what turned out to be a colossal slugfest in which the Trex Mercenaries rose from obscurity to challenge the rule of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their recruitment/training guild, The Forsaken. Here’s one of the few surviving documents from that era, the TM’s treasury account:

Current alliance account: Password Amount
Alliance Account 316 svelte 410755963

Name: Account # Password Amount
crector 275 mindwarp 100000
439 flakesnow 500000
Sorin — svelte 4500000
JTLN777 452 1 700000
Morgan Bernhardt 420 templar 5500000
Cuttlemonkey 453 trexmerc 1100000
Thox 395 ilovemo 400000
Mr. A. 454 arks 24500000
Moray 792 merc 6200000*
PresBMK 552 prezrules 25500000
Jadomantis 643 jody 0
Xeres 992 method 15500000
Treker 920 4thecause 33000000
jcmead 1220 flintfire 0
DrkPheen 1136 moon *

Moray 10,000,000
Morgan 10,000,000
jcmead 7,000,000
DrkPheen 10,000,000

Thevian #2016…use jump drive all the way as there major minefields
all around that CA as tere are with other CA’s….. and please deliver
CD’s to Xeres’s planet in Tangeria

3260-Accelerated Systems

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