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Original Space Merchant Newbie Game #8 Reminiscence

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 3, 2012; By Charles Rector
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The following is a reminiscence of times gone by in Newbie Game #8 of the original Space Merchant that was played a bit more than 12 years ago:

The greatest of all the SM alliances that I was in prior to Newbie Game #10 when I finally got DarkFlare to allow the Trex Mercenaries being set up in SM. That is, of course, Law & Order.

At the start of SM Newbie Game #8, there was a prominent player named Zonker from previous newbie games who realized that NG #8 would be the very last NG that he’d be able to play in and he wanted to go out of the NG’s with a bang. Thus it was that he formed Ascension, an alliance that was to be evilly inclined so much so that it was the one and only major SM alliance that I can ever remember where most of the members’s names were in red. Ascension was literally an Evil Trader alliance. Shortly afterwards, one of Zonker’s cronies formed a recruitment alliance for Ascension called The Untouchables.

Both Ascension and The Untouchables rose to power quickly in NG #8, provoking a backlash amongst the Federal Deputy & neutral trader players who banded together in the form of 2 major alliances, The Space Marshals and the alliance that I joined up with, Law & Order. L&O was a very memorable experience since it was the 1 and only pre-TM SM alliance that I was in that wasn’t merely some sort of do-nothing container of players. It was an outfit with a central animating mission: the suppression of evil and of both Ascension and The Untouchables especially. L&O was the 1 and only pre-TM alliance where I participated in some Planet Busts & combat sweeps with several other alliance members online simultaneously and in the same general area where I was. NG #8 was the 1 and only SM/SMR game where I flew a Federal warship. It was also memorable since it was the 1 and only pre-TM alliance where I had a leadership position. Specifically I was the Commander of all L&O forces in the Salzik Galaxy where I was in charge of both L&O planets there and also of the members who traded there. I led my very first Planet Bust with L&O and had some most memorable experiences with that alliance in that game. L&O was also memberable because Lord Nuff required that we all have/get AOL Instant Messenger to facilitate communication, so that’s why I got AIM. Every time I use AIM, its an instant reminder of both L&O and NG #8.

L&O finished the game with about a dozen planets, several of which had been taken from both Ascension and The Untouchables (1 of which had been the Ascension HQ planet) or that L&O included in its ranks several of the best players in SM at that time. Players such as Kiwi007, BrianBond007 (L&O had several members with James Bondish names) and SteelTiger. It was a most memorable group. Due to the struggle between the forces of good and evil, NG #8 was the only SM NG that I can recall that held the interest of its players right down to the last day of the game. As for Zonker, he seems to have dropped out of sight after his humiliation in NG #8 at the hands of L&O and its allies.

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