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Classic News Post About the Original Space Merchant

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 22, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Just point your browser to the Internet Wayback Machine over here: 02:42:10

and you will find the following:



Space Merchant Woes Continue

The number of active players in Space Merchant continues to decline even though the recent lag/error storm has ended. There are still problems with the login. Also, the Help files are currently unaccessible and the validation codes are still not being sent out. On the 
Space Merchant Webboard one player posted on March 21 that he had gone without receiving a validation code for a month although he had repeatedly sent email about his situation. Another problem is that although the closing dates for all current SM games have come, there have been no new games set up for players to enter. Perhaps the greatest problem is that the SM staff has failed to post anything regarding the problems facing the game since March 6th. The lack of communication coupled with both the game's recurrent difficulties and the fact that no new players have been able to receive their validation codes for over a month means that the already greatly diminished SM player base will continue to decline to the point where the game will likely cease to exist.

Posted by - Charles Rector 03/25/2001 14:20:01


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