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Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 24, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Now that SMR is back online, here is the latest from its open source hub at :


admin June 04, 2012 No need to set a variable for these hardcoded values. [Page-]  
db June 23, 2012 Lengthen alliance name field. [Page-]  
engine June 04, 2012 Remove a lot of duplicated code from alliance rankings and move them … [Page-]  
htdocs June 05, 2012 Comment out the $COMPATIBILITY_DATABASES example by default, to show … [Page-]  
lib June 24, 2012 Fix query. [Page-]  
templates June 04, 2012 Remove a lot of duplicated code from alliance rankings and move them … [Page-]  
tools June 24, 2012 game id for current game added [MichaelKunze]  
.gitignore June 05, 2012 Remove the specific file from the 1.2 file, it only needs to be an al… [Page-]  
LICENSE June 04, 2012 Add LICENSE file. [Page-] June 23, 2012 Rename README to for github. [Page-]



Also, here are all of SMR's in-game announcements from the past few years:




12:15:19 PMNew racial images have been added to the live server. Enjoy

11:22:30 PMHey Everyone,

The draft round (Facing Worlds (49)) will be extended by 1 month as there has been no clear winner in this round as of yet. At that time it will be reevaluated and extended as required.

A new 'normal' round will start this weekend as scheduled.

Thank you,

-RCK & SMR Admin Team21/5/2012
4:18:41 AMHello all,

With the successful completion of the new Racail images (which will be soon implemented into the game and added to the wiki) we are moving on to what might be the most important part of reviving SMR, first impressions.

I have created a new thread:
for people to post any ideas they have on what the main/home page should look like.

I dont care how far out right field you think it is, post it so we can discuss and get back our graphics designer ASAP.

1:50:37 AMWe have posted the purposed new racial images here:

If you want to have a look/offer suggestions please do so, we will be finalizing these images this weekend.

5:06:34 PMWe ended up drafting everyone that was available this morning for the draft game. We will still be accepting everyone who wants to play the draft game still. We will draft anyone that joins between now and before the start of the game a week from today. Turns go active at 5:00:00PM 5/5/2012, we will draft who joined around 3:00:00PM 5/5/2012.

The Admin Team.28/4/2012
1:44:36 PMWe will be starting the draft today, the time we will be starting will be roughly 3:30PM game time or 9:30AM EST which is roughly one hour 45 mins from now. We will draft several rounds today and several rounds tomorrow.19/4/2012
8:12:36 PMThe Admin Team would like to send out congratulations to Page and JettJackson for winning the Alliance leader vote with 26 and 25 votes apiece. A second congratulations goes to Page for winning the map contest.

Also reminder for everyone to be here 10am EST/4pm Game time Sunday the 23th for our Admin Table.

The Admin Team17/4/2012
10:49:47 PMOn Sunday at 10am EST/4pm Game time we will be holding an admin table discussion in #SMR . Some of the topics that we will be discussing are as follows:

- Draft game, how it will work/how the draft will occur/when the draft will occur

- Any new code changes for next game

- Discussions about Open Source

- Advertising

- Updates New Graphics

- Any other General topics/questions.

Be sure to be in #SMR before 10am EST/4pm game time and have any questions you would like to ask ready.

The Admin Team12/4/2012
8:19:53 AMThe final vote for leaders for the Draft Game has been posted, we had 2 people drop out of the race so we are carrying over the 4 that remain, the 2 that receive the most votes will be the leaders for the Draft Game. The options are JettJackson, Page, Beausoleil, and Naeblis. The vote ends in roughly 7 days.

The Admin Team9/4/2012
6:24:30 AMI have started a vote for the Map Layout for the Draft Round, there are 2 options and 7 days to vote.

Discussion and visualization of the maps can be found at:

The Admin Team7/4/2012
10:55:07 PMAs there is interest for some 'mini' games during the draft game I'm going to run at least two of them (time allowing).

The following guidelines should be considered when creating the map:

Game speed: 2.0 - 5.0
Duration: 30 days (approx)
Total sectors: under 1000 (or close to)
Alliance Cap: 5-15 (no vet caps)

Look forward to your submissions.

Please post your ideas in this thread:

SMR Admin Team7/4/2012
8:18:19 AMThe first round of voting for Draft Round leaders is up, 4 will advance 2 will be eliminated and a second vote will occur, at which point 2 will be deemed leader and the bottom 2 will be eliminated. This first vote will last 5 days and the next vote will also last 5 days.

The Admin Team3/4/2012
11:57:35 PMWe are looking for volunteers for leading in the draft game. If you would like to volunteer contact JettJackson in game or in chat. We will take volunteers for the next 3 days ending Friday evening. After this we will have a vote and the bottom 2 people per vote will be eliminated until we are left with 2 people to lead.

Any questions with regards to volunteering or the subsequent vote can be sent to any admin.

The Admin Team3/4/2012
2:24:16 AMJust a follow up to the earlier announcement.

The submission deadline for maps for draft round is April 9th.

7:11:05 PMHey everyone,

As you have (hopefully) heard we are going to run another draft round next round.

Submit your map ideas here.

Look forward to seeing some inventive new maps and hopefully some new faces when it comes to map designs.

Please provide as much detail as possible in relation to connectivity, ports, 'high priority locations' (lvl 5 weapons, UG, Fed/Underground ship yards etc). If you are unsure you can always ask someone on the admin team for clarification.

The map will be imported into the game by either myself or JJ.

SMR Admin Team20/3/2012
11:15:46 PMOne last notice the vote will essentially be used a sign up sheet for the draft game. So take note if you vote yes or no.

The Admin Team20/3/2012
11:06:24 PMI have started a vote for next game to see how many would like to play in a draft game. We will be deciding leaders in a couple of weeks, whether it will be an internal decision or a vote like last time.

The Admin Team2/3/2012
12:01:09 PMJust a reminder that we are currently looking for ideas for the next rounds map design. There have already been a few suggestions made and commented on, feel free to check them out, comment and submit your own ideas.


7:16:11 AMChangelog has been updated, check out the v1.6.35 link in the bottom right.

- Page29/12/2011
12:29:03 AMPlease check out this thread about planned ship changes next round:

- Page22/12/2011
9:09:33 AMDumping your cargo works again as expected.22/12/2011
8:44:37 AMJettisoning goods is currently causing a server error, so while trading be careful as you can't Jettison right now. Also people who die because of this issue will not be reimbursed as this is a warning notice about the issue.

This should be fixed within the next 24-48 hours.22/12/2011
1:43:21 AMMerry Christmas SMR!

We are happy to announce, for the first time ever, a special Holiday Bonus!

From now until Dec 27th, you will receive 2 credits for every $1 donated to SMR.

Thanks to all the players and we look forward to unveiling more features in the New Year!

-SMR Admin Team 19/12/2011
2:34:16 PMSpecial Christmas surprise will be announced this week... stay tuned for further information!

11:21:51 PMHey Everyone!

As you may know (or not) we are searching for some new talent to have in game graphics redone and/or upgraded.

We have several candidates that we would like to 'test' and pick the best result.

What we require from the community is some funding to proceed with this task.

If you are able to help out let us know on IRC, forum etc and we will make sure that funds donated get assigned to this project.

Thanks for your time.

-Admin Team6/12/2011
12:25:24 AMThe polls for game speed and turn caps has now completed. Thank you for your responses.
The Admin Team will be reviewing these results of both polls and discussing how to represent these results in future rounds.

Just remember these polls are for informational purposes only so that the admins can get an idea of personal preferences.
The results of these polls are not a guarantee on settings for the next round, but will be taken into great consideration.

Also there is a new poll up now about weapon power vs tiered weapon setups. If you have any questions about the new poll please contact an admin in chat or in game.

Thank you for your time
The Admin Team4/12/2011
10:49:40 PMMultiple people have complained about hotkeys not working, this is due to using an old, cached version of the javascript file. In order to fix this you need to clear your browser cache, the easiest way to do this is by pressing Ctrl+F5 whilst in game.

- Page3/12/2011
6:52:58 PMThere are now hotkeys for movement and scanning, as well as for switch between Current Sector, Local Map and Plot Course.
Default bindings can be found under Preferences, where you are also able to customise them.

- Page24/11/2011
5:16:19 AMWe are looking to add more games to the arcade on the web board. contains a thread with further information and a secondary link to try out and search for games that you would like to see added.

The Admin Team22/11/2011
8:28:09 PMFor those that missed it...

I have created a thread on the forum for our "wish list" for new graphics for throughout the the game. This is for ANYTHING and everything existing or otherwise.

Add your thoughts/comments ideas to this thread:

I would like to send this out next week to get some bids on the project so we can figure out what we can purchase.

6:17:37 PMForum Arcade is now ONLINE!

Only catch is you have to be using the prosilver style. (go to user control panel --> Board preferences to change it)

Select Arcade from the top right hand side.

9:43:28 PMForum is back online 100%.

Added 9 new styles to chose from (go to User Control Panel, Board Preferences --> select style from My board style: drop down menu). All styles should now show the SMR logo at the top. If you find any errors let me know (some might be wrong size).

Looking into some new features for the forum as well... maybe (not promising) even some Arcade games.

Any ideas/thoughts/comments etc of things you would like to see (and would benefit the community) send me a PM via the forum or track me down on IRC.

5:20:49 AMForum is 75% restored, none of the previous skins are back up and working yet, will work on that tomorrow. If you notice anything off let me know either via or on IRC.

4:38:32 PMForum is going down for hopefully less than an hour while I trouble shoot the issue with smiles and a few other things.

Any posts made after NOW might not be saved.

2:50:30 AMFor the 7% of users that are using IE 6/7 upgrade your browsers :)

6:05:08 AMThe new map layout is posted on the web board for everyone to look.

Feel free to ask questions there or in chat.

The Admin Team31/10/2011
4:01:41 PMA through review of the current round by the Admins has lead us to decide to conclude the round due lack of substantial activity. This round will end Sunday Evening November 6th and a chaos round will run for one day to test out some new code changes. The official new round will start on Monday Evening November 7th.

Thanks, The Admin Team23/10/2011
3:10:49 AMHey All,

I'll be doing some upgrades on the web board over this weekend. The forum may experience some down time.

9:59:59 PMGreetings,
We are currently looking for people interested in being the Newbie Help Alliance Leader. You would be expected to login to that account on a regular basis to provide new players help and guidance. Further info is on the webboard.

The Admin Team2/10/2011
1:31:34 AMThe extra racial ship yards in Ik'Skant were removed, there is one racial ship yard per race at their respective racial HQ.

The Admin Team1/10/2011
4:10:12 PMChangelog is now live, it can be viewed by clicking the "v1.6.24" link in the bottom right.1/10/2011
2:39:40 PMUpcoming ship changes: Google Docs Spreadsheet (Highlighted) or SMR Ship List1/10/2011
1:39:15 AMIn the interest of fairness, the race pairings for the round "Racial Riot" are as follows: Alskant and Ik'Thorne, WQ Human and Human, Salvene and Nijarin, and finally Thevian and Creonti.

The Admin Team18/9/2011
7:30:02 PMSMS texting via Caretaker has been enabled. To remind you you can first search for users via !sms search nick% (where % can be used as a wildcard) eg: !sms search %ausol%
and then use !sms send nick text to send out your text message. At the moment the account has a few testing messages left that can be used. If it's empty i'll add money. Once again. Everyone is free using it but use it wise! If you get stupid or offensive text messages report it either to an admin or myself. All sending will be logged and can be checked.

9:07:30 AMTomorrow (sept 10th) the game will be down from 9am to 1pm due to maintenance work on the power network at the uni campus where the game is hosted. i'll shut down the server at 8:45am. Make sure your player is logged off in a save place by then (fed or planet)!!6/9/2011
11:23:40 PMNext Game Map Submissions:

The deadline for next game map submissions/ideas will be this Sunday at which point we will put up an in game vote to decide the next game's map. The web board link that will follow is where you will find the discussion and submissions.

Thank you, The Admin Team31/8/2011
12:05:36 AMCaretaker can send out SMS messages to your fellow smr players. How does that work you ask? First you need to set your alliance channel in the option dialog of your alliance. You have two commands at your disposal:

!sms send MrSpock Sending text messages works!

which is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes you don't remember how nicks are spelled. For example Beausoleil. Caretaker has a search function as well.

!sms search beau%
>MrSpock, Beausoleil has provided a cell phone number and can receive text messages.

For the moment the actual sending is disabled because it's a prepaid account and there is no money in it. I want to open this service to all players. Everyone should be able to use it. So i ask you today to donate to SMR so all can benefit from it. One text message does cost 3 (Euro)cents + VAT. So 100$ would enable us to send almost 3000 text messages. Please donate for a good cause!

Thank you!
3:26:02 PMNew map discussion thread on the Webboard for next game which is a month away.

The Admin Team23/8/2011
5:28:17 PMOpen discussion on SMR Rules. Check out the thread on the forum.

10:18:25 PMWe are looking to solicit input from the player base about setting up an SMR Meet in the UK this winter. Please reply to the following webboard post if you are interested and think you can come.

Thanks, and we hope to see you there!

-The Admin Team30/7/2011
4:10:05 PMNew round open, turns will begin at 8pm server.

10:47:28 PMDue to backlash over the recent changes made to the map and other bugs which took place at the beginning of the round, we have decided to restart the round this Saturday. The new locations which were added will not be present, and the ports will be altered so as not to have the same routes. We sincerely apologize for the mistakes we made which led to this decision. At this stage, we feel the fairest response is to restart the round.

Azool, the map's creator, will be writing up an analysis of the map for all players to review so they understand the changes in it and how those changes will impact gameplay. Please review this before continuing with the reboot, as it will clear up many of the questions that have arisen over the last few weeks.


The Admin Team17/7/2011
2:20:16 PMNPC (Non-player character) have been enabled. They will walk around and trade. They will most likely not looking for a fight but they can be killed. Kills will not count to your 'normal' kill stats. Enjoy.12/7/2011
6:48:07 AMNext round there will be some changes to the ship list, this is to address the issues with there being a single ship with the most safety and most trade power (PSF). The PSF still remains as a /15 however its trade power has been reduced so it is no longer the best trader, in addition to this some weaker neutral ships have been adjusted to be better traders.
These changes mean you will now have to decide whether you want to be safer whilst trading or more efficient.

Also due to the best traders now being lower defence I have reduced the exp loss on death, this means your hard work to get to high exp doesn't all disappear in one death and is less frustrating. Example: Dying to the same level trader now loses you 10% of your exp rather than the previous 20%.

Ship changes (numeric increase in green, decrease in red):

Full ship list:

- Page7/6/2011
6:04:35 PMPlease refer to this post for infos about caretaker and how to use him.31/5/2011
6:32:03 PMHello, just a friendly reminder to all the players:

The 'Contact Form' link on the left side of the game page is a direct email to the helpdesk for the game. This is another way to contact the admins with a problem if you are unable to immediately get into contact with them.

Thanks, The Admin Team.29/5/2011
11:49:16 AMDue to an unidentified bug we have low level ports with high level goods in the game Summer Solstice. I removed tier 3 goods from #1547 and #1567 because these two had two many goods for their level. All other ports seem fine. If you identify other problematic ports please let us know. - MrSpock20/5/2011
11:22:30 PMThere has been some discussion over possible bug abuse last weekend, this is to clear up any existing concerns relating to this issue.

The Issue:
Around 7pm Saturday (May 14) a bug was identified that caused structures to disappear on planets when a new build was started. This also removed any existing shields/drones that were on the planet. At approximately 11pm this bug was corrected. This fix however did not include restocking shields and drones on planets.
Approximately 30 hours after this bug was corrected members of Contraction attacked planets owned by Fool’s Errand resulting in the Fool’s Errand fleet being destroyed.

The Ruling:
Fool's Errand will be awarded 300,000,000 Credits to compensate for lost ships as well as cost of replenishing the shields/drones. The reason for this is that this was an administrative error in not announcing the bug fix.

Any questions can be directed to me.

5:46:13 PMWarlocked is now back up (I'm sure everyone has already noticed).
For now the 1000 turn cap is still in place, however it will be reverted to 650 around 1pm server time Monday (16/5/2011), any turns above the 650 cap will be lost, so make sure to use them by then.

- Page13/5/2011
11:48:40 PMWarlocked has had to be closed due to an error on my part, I am working to get it back up as soon as possible (however will likely not be before 9am server time 14/5/2011).
Forces have had their expiry times moved forward by one day to account for the downtime.
Max turns have also been increased to 1000 so that people do not have wasted turns during the downtime.

- Page20/4/2011
10:24:42 PMThere are now two new SMR Credit features available.

  1. You can now receive email notifications for personal messages received whilst you are offline (found under the Donate link on the left), this can easily be expanded to other types of messages (for instance planet messages) in the future if it is thought to be a useful addition.
  2. You can now change your name multiple times, the first name change is still free like it always was, but subsequent name changes can be purchased at a cost of 2 SMR Credits each.

Please send any feedback on these features to "Page" in either game or on IRC, alternatively you can also use the Contact Form link on the left.

- Page20/4/2011
9:00:34 AMThe icons on the bottom are there to vote for this game on those sites. As a reward for voting you get free turns.
At MPOGD Space Merchant Realms has 117 votes at this point. That could be far more if you actually click the vote button. If there is no improvement I'll remove the free turns feature soon!4/4/2011
6:49:37 PMThe changelog has been updated, it can be viewed by clicking the v1.6.7 link at the bottom left of the page.

- Page3/4/2011
5:28:16 AMPlease note that there is an issue in the draft round which allows players to use turns obtained from clicking the 'stars' at the bottom of their screen.

We are waiting on a fix to be applied that will disable this loophole; in the meantime, for the sake of sportsmanship we will ask players NOT to click the stars while logged in to Warlocked until the turn generation date, which is 7PM server time, Saturday, April 9th.

Players who do not follow this request risk receiving ban points.

The SMR Admin Team3/3/2011
9:20:19 PMDue to an error in the way double votes were removed previously there has been a recount in the votes. Here is the new tally (leaders remain the same however a couple of the low candidates have shifted position, you'll note that the flat votes remain the same for all).


Ender Wiggen
No Preference
Red Rocket/Elle Macpherson
BoobsR4Men Weighted Votes 

1 Flat Votes

1 Average Vote Weight


For those interested the mistake is that they were removed from 1st pick first, this was unintentional and due to the confusion that the 1st pick had the highest id rather than lowest)3/3/2011
6:13:20 PMWell double votes have been removed (as was stated would happen) and votes tallied and here are the results: Leader

Ender Wiggen
No Preference
Red Rocket/Elle Macpherson
BoobsR4Men Weighted Votes

1 Flat Votes

1 Average Vote Weight

This means that kiNky/Tau and Edgecrusher will be the leaders of the upcoming draft round.

If you would like to see the full breakdown of votes you can do so under the "Voting" link on the "Play Game" page, this shows the results as they were after double votes were removed (removed the lowest weighted pick in double votes, so voting for the same person for 1st and 2nd pick meant the 2nd pick vote was removed)19/12/2010
1:10:42 PMSome new features have been added to the game recently, here's an overview:

You can now click alliance/player names in the news.
You now receive a message when a player joins your alliance.
You can now link to alliances and players in messages, to do this you use:
for alliances (where 12 is the alliance id - can be found next to alliance name on the roster page)
[player=10] for players (where the 10 is the player id)
[player id=10 showalliance=1] to include the player's alliance along with their name.6/12/2010
7:04:15 PMForum is back up at http://smrcnn.smrealms.de4/11/2010
7:29:48 AMThere will be a follow-up meeting to the one on the 22nd of October for anyone who is interested in seeing where things have gone since then.
The meeting will be held in #smr-meeting this Friday 5th November at 4PM game time (10AM EST for that group of players unable to handle game time conversions ;) ).16/10/2010
10:26:16 AMWebboard and some other services (like beta) are down due to a hardwarefailure. This time it's the mainboard. That server has served as well for a very long time. Looks like it's not comming back. The data is still there and will move to a new server. ETA unknown as of yet.

11:14:41 PMCouple of announcements:

We're looking for some new mods for the web board. Click Here to apply

EdgeCrusher has released a new version of MGU, it can be found by Clicking Here

1:43:57 AMForum is back up.... after a few issues :)22/8/2010
6:06:51 PMForum is down while updates/cleanup is performed.19/8/2010
2:49:13 PMForum and beta are back online.19/8/2010
8:50:31 AMWeb board and Beta site are currently down. Will advise when they come back online.

7:27:56 PMHey Everyone,

We're taking ideas for ways to improve the over all game interface.

Please post any thoughts/ideas here .

Also remember to check out other topics under the suggestions thread on the forum to add your comments/thoughts about possible new features!

Click here to go there now, or use the Webboard link on the left.30/7/2010
2:59:11 AMHey everyone,

Hope your enjoying the new round.

Just taking this opertunity to tell you about the Space Merchant Realms Facebook Page (click for link)

Please 'Like" the page to help spread the word about SMR!

12:15:29 AMNew game still waiting on updates... trying to track down spock to push the updates.

In the mean time
-Turns for exp
- Starting ships
-Max turns

are not functioning properly.

9:56:08 PMI Want to do some testing of large mine fields. Could use a few volunteers to give me a hand in beta.

Needs as many people as possible as i wish to create a test environment with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 stacks.

New and old players welcome to participate,

I want to start around 0100 tonight (July 26)

Please meet in #smr

10:32:13 PMLive has been updated.


- Mine formula has been modified to hopefully be more effective. Please provide any feedback via the web board.

- Politics link has been added to the main menu bar on the left.

10:38:57 PMHey Everyone!

We are starting to work on a SMR Wiki and could use your help!

Please check out for more information!

6:17:17 PMThe following changes have been made to =THE CRUSHER CHRONICLES=- (26).

Added Monastery of the Iron Maiden (Holy Hand Gernade) to sector 1979

Removed planets in 2014 (Neutral Fed), 2424 & 2434 from Galaxy of Doom.
All planets were still classed as Uninhabitable.

4:35:43 PMThere is now now new 'Blue' colour scheme available for the Freon22 template, I'd suggest trying it out as I personally think it's pretty good.

- Page16/4/2010
6:23:52 PMIt seems the beta server and web board are back online!

Still waiting to confirm that they wont go down again.

However i see no reason why they should.

4:59:39 PM**UPDATE to problem playing**

I was just playing around (and thanks to Hugh for thinking of this)

If you have changed the default css at any point and it currently happens to be pointing to for your CSS file the connection to that server (the beta server) is currently unavailable due to hardware failure.

In order to fix the lag problem, remove the link located under preferences "Change CSS Link" and blank it out. This will allow you to use the default CSS.

Should fix any problems, if not let me know.

4:54:08 PMIt has come to my attention that several players are having problems playing SMR. Pages are loading but taking forever (20 seconds+) .

This doesn't appear to be effecting everyone, only a few players, if it effects you please stop by IRC to let me know so we can try to figure out the source of the problem.

And yes, its affecting me...

1:35:04 PMBeta server is down because of hardware failure. I'm working on solving the problem.

8:07:32 PMThe network were our server is located is under going upgrades this weekend, hence the server may be unreachable (Like it was this morning).

There is nothing we can do about this so please be patient.

Have a good long weekend!

5:45:39 AMJust a reminder that Multi accounts will not be tolerated. Anyone who is tagged as a mutli will receive a 48 hour ban before any action is taken on their account.

If you have any questions regarding our Multi policy please ask one of the admins on IRC.

You can reach any of us in #SMR and if we are not there please use the /memoserv feature of the server.

If you prefer you can also use the contact form on the left of the game screen.

1:50:10 PMThe game is still starting at 7pm GMT tonight, although due to daylight savings time it will actually be 9pm server time (I didn't realise it was this weekend the clocks changed)

- Page23/3/2010
11:07:38 PMThere were a few updates recently, here's the list

  • Friendly forces now show on galaxy/local map wherever they are.
  • Stats are now available for the 1.6 games that have ended (they have advanced news search that the older ones don't but unfortunately are still missing a couple of the other options for now)
  • Background update that greatly reduced the size of explored port info in the database
  • Some minor bugfixes

On that note, anyone who reports a bug to me which I'm able to duplicate will get a free reward credit
Note: only the first one to report it will get the reward

- Page4/3/2010
5:14:19 PMThe update is now in place to switch between interfaces, just look under preferences.

If you can give your feedback on the look of the layout (remember colour scheme can be changed and I plan for more colour schemes to come) along with any problems you find then that would be great

- Page3/3/2010
11:59:54 PMThere will be the option to choose from 2 different interfaces coming soon, (the default for now will still be the current, so don't worry if you don't want to try the new one!). As an added bonus the new interface will have 2 colour schemes to choose from (ok, so one is just to go back to the green, so not that exciting, but more can be added :) )

One thing I would like to make clear is that the new interface is still experimental, and I don't necessarily expect everything to look absolutely perfect, so please let me know of any problems, you can use the webboard, or report a bug link on the left.
If you don't like the colours then feel free to suggest different colour schemes too - they're fairly easy to add! You can even have a go yourself (take a look at the CSS tutorials by Freon22:

There have also been some changes to the default layout, most shouldn't be be barely noticeable at all, but if there are any problems then please report those too

- Page21/12/2009
5:34:57 PMChristmas fun, submit a christmas photo of yourself (no fictional pictures) to the photo album, make sure they are in the christmas spirit and not rude or offensive, there will be a couple of prizes to the best photos!

Good luck and look forward to laughing err I mean seeing the photos come in!!

12:35:24 PMJust a heads up, people if you are told to do something by an admin, please do it. If you do not agree with what your being told to do it anyway and raise a complaint. Ignoring an admin will not only upset them, it will make your case worse in finding a quick resolve, or if it concerns a ban ignoring admins will only make that ban more lengthy.16/12/2009
1:42:06 PMSMR is proud to announce a new referral scheme. Earn yourself some SMR credits from each rank your referred friend gains. The potential gain is unlimited!

Your referral link can be found by clicking the preferences link on the left hand side of the game screen between Play game and Logout, then under Account preferences is will look similar to this

So get your friends to play and earn some credits! This applies to new players only, please note SMR has and still operates a strict policy on multiple accounts and anyone found abusing this scheme will find them self?s with a substantial in game ban and their credits removed.

We look forward to seeing a new influx of players and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players for supporting us over the last year and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!11/12/2009
6:34:24 AMPlayers, we are having a few technical problems at the moment, would suggest you do not venture to far until these have been resolved. if you die because of the current error storm we will not be able to refund your loss. Sorry for any inconvenience.9/12/2009
11:27:36 PMFor those of you who do not know, we have had a interface design competition running for quite some time. This has now been changed ever so slightly, you have until the 1st Feb 2010 to enter a design and the winning entry will get at least $100 a maximum of $200 plus enough in game credits to keep you going for a while. Please check out the forum for the requirements.


SMR Admin20/11/2009
4:20:50 AMCreonti Weapons 1 shop also missed, added to sector 324
4:16:28 AMFederation Shipyard was missed and has been added to the current game. To keep it fair, it is located in 1268

11:01:39 PMPlease check out this thread in regards to SMR signature images and advertising ideas/graphics.

Click here

1:42:33 PMOk, Spock has approved and amended the start date of the new game for me, it is scheduled to start at midnight gametime (so 12/11/2009 00:00, or in roughly 10h20m)
The old game I should get fixed up tonight because it requires some very minor changes to the code but needs to be done from home.

- Page11/11/2009
1:14:53 PMI'm aware of the problems with the old game at the moment, I'm trying to get it fixed but it may have to wait. I also cannot start the new game because I'm at work and cannot access the database but expect a start time of around 9:30pm server time.

- Page10/11/2009
10:51:07 PMThere will be a major update of SMR code tomorrow at 9am server time. Expect a downtime of probably 30 minutes.

3:02:41 AMI have moved the universe vote to an IN GAME vote, you will see it on the main Play Game screen. Click the links provided to open a new window with the image of each map.

3:57:15 PMVote for next round is up (Sorry about delay)

please go to to cast your vote!31/10/2009
6:28:23 PMPlease read this thread for an announcement concerning next rounds universe, universe votes and round starting.

10:25:57 PMVote is up on the Play Game screen to see what interest there is in starting the next round 1 week early (November 7th).

5:58:51 PMRegarding the Alliance Cap vote, please note that there are several topics on the forum that have been discussing this in depth, pro's and con's etc good reading before you decide on your vote.
4:45:17 PMUniverse Map Competition -- Fall 2009

Its that time again, we need a new map for next round please see this thread for full details on what details are needed.

I look forward to seeing lots of new ideas!

That thread again is

10:19:19 PMLast announcement for the day (maybe)

I have posted a vote for the alliance cap for next round. Please read the question carefully and answer as you feel fit.

This topic has been discussed on the web board and that discussion can be viewed here:

10:01:08 PMBaalzamon is looking for some assistance with cleaning up the webboard, below is his request from the forum (for those of you that might be interested)

I may or may not be enlisting a few new moderators to help with this large task. If you would like to apply for this position, please fill out the following form and PM it to me (Baalzamon) through the SMRCNN forums.

Name: (both ingame and how you're generally known among the community if it's different)
Contact E-Mail: (This needs to be a valid e-mail. I will be using it to update your account's e-mail address, as well as contact you)
Any Previous Moderation Experience?: (On SMR or other forums. If another forum, please link and tell me your nick on those forums)


Thanks for your help and cooperation

9:46:22 PMJust a reminder that we changed IRC networks

You can find us in #smr.

The web IRC applet has been changed (and much improved IMO) to point to the new server.

If you use mIRC you can type /server -m and you can be connected to both the new and the old network at the same time.

Look forward to seeing you there!

10:59:50 PMIRC Chat
As some of you are aware, we have been looking into switching the IRC server that we run all SMR administration operations on. The server that has been chosen is and the room is #smr

Although we will not be stopping people from continuing to use, as mentioned above, all SMR Staff and Administration duties will soley be run on The link to the IRC Applet has been updated to reflect this change.

IRC rules will also be updated soon, so stay tuned for more information!

-The SMR Administration Team22/9/2009
4:49:55 PMAn update to the IRC situation.

VJTD3 has informed us that SMR is no longer welcome on However, each of you (with the exception of SMR admins) are welcome to continue using his network.

Currently we are using efnet as a means of communication. This will most likely change as we are looking into other networks.

Hopefully sometime today I will be able to write a post to say how we got to this point and what direction we will be heading from here.

Please stay tuned, and I would like to thank everyone for sticking with us this far. I look forward to returning SMR to what it used to be with everyones help.

11:00:26 PMDue to certain circumstances, we are moving to a new IRC server. The new server will be

Channel remains the same: #smr

Further updates will be made in the next few days.

1:40:01 PMI'm happy to announce that Edgecrusher has finished the beta version of MGU (recoded for 1.6)

You can find the latest code here

1:15:15 AMIRC Dicussion thread can be found here

10:39:52 PMI have created a few votes in regards to IRC usage. I will also be creating a thread on the forum later on this evening to discuss the current server and if we should look into other servers. Several people have bought some concerns to me about the unpredictability of the services of late and the lack of 'new' players. I would like this to be a community discussion, as it effects everyone equally.

1:04:28 AMRemember you can report all the little annoyances you find in the game as well as the bugs that break it. For instance there never used to be a reply button for messages and when sending one there was no message saying whether it had succeeded. Also all the little typos I'm sure are hiding around the place.18/8/2009
3:56:07 PMWe are aware of the bug involving racial relations and are addressing it. Please be patient til the issue is resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.17/8/2009
9:02:07 PMEdgecrusher has been kind enough to convert the maps for Galactic Passage into .cmf format (the format MGU currently uses).
To find out more head to:
6:26:49 PMAt some point today, Galactic Passage will end. And Galactic Passage #2 will begin with fixed ports.

6:17:35 AMHey All,

I am currently remaking the map with reduced ports. Game should be open before 00:00.

7:13:33 PMHey Everyone,
I have added another option to the current vote on what to do with the current game (that i messed up with to many ports) You can change your vote if you think this 4th option would be preferred.

Thanks for reading,

1:37:14 AMFor anyone who hasn't noticed there's a "Request A Feature" link on the left side menu, you can go vote for your favourites and suggest your own if you want.7/8/2009
1:12:33 AMTo download maps for the current game please use the "DL Sectors File" link as the MGU one isn't supported and should be removed.
For a program that can use the sectors file there is:
Also the format is easy to use (open it up and you can see) so anyone who wants to make alternative programs can do so, or write a convertor to whatever format you like. I believe work is currently going on to rewrite MGU to support the format but I don't know how that is progressing.



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