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AIM Conversation with Robert F. Ludwick aka darqflare June 22, 2012

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 26, 2012; By Charles Rector
Type: Thoughts

CharRect [4:04 P.M.]:

darqflare [4:05 P.M.]:  I'm surprised that game is still running, to be honest.

CharRect [4:06 P.M.]:  Because Bryan is in charge?

darqflare [4:06 P.M.]:  In part, yes

CharRect [4:07 P.M.]:  What's the other part?
darqflare [4:07 P.M.]:  Because the game didn't seem that fun to me.

CharRect [4:07 P.M.]:  When did you try it?
darqflare [4:09 P.M.]:  Long time ago, now... Probably around when it first came out.

CharRect [4:17 P.M.]:  The game has improved since then but the community is kind of sucky and there is no in-game forum.
darqflare [4:19 P.M.]:  Well, I'm not planning on checking it out again.

CharRect [4:20 P.M.]:  Didn't ask you too.
darqflare [4:20 P.M.]:  Yeah, I know.

CharRect [4:21 P.M.]:  TEQ Might be on the brink.  From the game's forum:

Quote: Lukers (#24784) wrote:
Well, quoting mal, 10 years ago there were over 1000+ players. And if nothing changed, HOW THE !@$# IS IT WE ARE 50 or less playing?!?!   
Because TEQ has stayed the same. Unfortunately, for TEQ, the rest of the gaming industry has not.

darqflare [4:21 P.M.]:  :\

CharRect [4:22 P.M.]:  In what way has the overall gaming industry changed that made free text based games that only take 5-10 minutes a day to play so less popular?
darqflare [4:24 P.M.]:  Well, the first problem is that TEQ hasn't changed much in 10 years. People get bored with the same game over time. If TEQ wants its playerbase to stay high, it needs to change and evolve and innovate in order to keep from becoming stale.
darqflare [4:24 P.M.]:  Otherwise, BBGs these days now largely have Flash frontends on them, giving them a nicer graphical interface and more eye candy.

CharRect [4:26 P.M.]:  Have you been playing BBG's lately?

darqflare [4:47 P.M.]:  Not outside the ones my company works on, no.

CharRect [4:47 P.M.]:  So Facebook games are also BBG's?
darqflare [4:48 P.M.]:  I consider them to be so, yes.

CharRect [5:24 P.M.]:  Take it then that you thik that BBG's are still thriving despite the problems with a few games going by the wayside?
darqflare [5:27 P.M.]:  I wouldn't say thriving, no. But they're still viable, I think.

CharRect [5:49 P.M.]:  What would you say is the strongest sector in online gaming today? 
darqflare [5:50 P.M.]:  First-person shooters on the Xbox 360

CharRect [5:51 P.M.]:  So the hottest games are not on the Web?
darqflare [5:53 P.M.]:  Well, online FPS are still online, they're just not browser-based

CharRect [5:54 P.M.]:  I was under the impression that Xbox games were online games that were played on their own network, not on the Web.
darqflare [5:54 P.M.]:  Nope, they're on the Internet.

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