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Shareplay Press Release About the GameLoft Deal

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 27, 2012; By Charles Rector
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SharePlay Press Release - August 25, 2000


SharePlay Announces Partnership with



SharePlay has formed a strategic relationship with, the worldwide leader in international online gaming. GameLoft will exclusively publish SharePlay's games in its GameLive section. New versions of Space Merchant and Monarchy have been established on GameLoft. Current players will have to make a new GameLoft user ID to continue to play the games. The games remain free.


Space Merchant is now available at,  Monarchy at  In conjunction with the move to GameLoft servers, both Space Merchant and Monarchy will receive new interfaces in the next few months. We will also offer localized versions in seven languages and mobile phone access by the end of year 2000.


Panumbra will remain on the SharePlay servers, and can be played the same way as before.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with GameLoft and offer a high-quality gaming experience.


About GameLoft.Com 


GameLoft   is an online center of services and content designed for the passionate gamers. GameLoft, which is affiliated with Guillemot Corp. and Ubi Soft Entertainment, will be established in 15 countries worldwide by December 2000. As a network of sites completely adapted to the culture and language of each country, GameLoft's mission is to unite game fans, creators and developers, and allow them to meet, play and share ideas.


About SharePlay


SharePlay   develops and offers massively multiplayer online games that are highly interactive, require no downloads and are completely free. SharePlay has more than 120,000 registered users, 10,000 of whom play daily. Current SharePlay games include Space Merchant, a turn-based science-fiction strategy and role-playing game; Monarchy, a highly popular turn-based

strategy game set in a fantasy world; and Panumbra, a graphical role-playing

game currently in demo version.

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