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Starkick Traders

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jun. 27, 2012; By Charles Rector
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Starkick Traders at is a relatively new Open Source BBG the background for which is here:


Starkick Traders is an offshoot of BlackNova Traders, which is itself a development of the old BBS game Trade Wars. It is a turn based space strategy game.

The orignal BlackNova Traders was designed by Ron Harwood. Modifications & upgrades to the game were done by Ben Gibbs. I was sent the source code to SKT in 2005, and started hosting the game on my site after the original game had gone offline. In 2006, I decided to create a SourceForge project for the game to continue development and fix bugs.


All this is pretty interesting in light of the fact that a search of the SourceForge website turns up nothing for Starkick Traders.  Still, ST looks interesting and hopefully in the future there will be further postings concerning this game.




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