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Problems at Its Your Turn

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector
Type: News

We are sending this mass message because enough of you have reported problems with your backgammon and halma games.

The immediate fix to this problem is to ask our servers to send you HTML-only pages. You can do this by going into your "edit user profile" page and unchecking the box next to " Enable Javascript", which will turn off Javascript in the pages we send to you. However, your Javascript will still be enabled locally in your browser, so you can still use it on other sites.

As for what is wrong, we don't know. We have not changed the software on the server for several months, and the configuration is the same. What's more, we're unable to reproduce the problem on our end. I'm able to make moves on backgammon games just fine. And only some of you are having problems with backgammon, while most people are doing fine.

Even though we haven't made any changes, if a browser change somewhere has made it more difficult to play on the site, then we need to figure out what's wrong. But for now, turning off Javascript for the site will allow you to make your moves, although at a slower pace. You may want to turn it on once a day and see if the problem has gone away, if we're able to upload a fix for this problem.

Going forward, we are in the process of rewriting most of the Javascript on the site. This should make things run even faster, and should also cause fewer problems in the future. We're probably a month away from releasing that code. The site appearance and functionality will not change, but it should be more stable.

Also, the Google Chrome browser is working well for us at the moment. If you run into problems on other browsers, trying installing Google Chrome and see if you're able to make your moves.

We hope this note helped.

Thank you for playing at



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