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SMR Newsletter #1

Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 1, 2012; By Charles Rector
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From the vaults of the Space Merchant Realms Webboard here is a real golden oldie:



SMR Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1
Changes Come to the Administration Team 

To help players better understand which Admin would be the best one to contact for help/concerns, the team got together and decided who would be in charge of what. Though at one point or another someone else may help out in an area, this is what each Admin is responsible for. 

* creator/owner 
* coder 
* may be praised at any point 
* creates bugs to be fixed by Azool so he can take credit for them 

* co creator/owner (same privileges as spock, beside that praising part) 
* coder 
* may be blaimed for any bugs 
* fixes Spock's errors so Spock can take credit for it 

* beta test team captain 

* wb admin 
* wb moderator 

Roach, Nariis: 
* newsletter 

Darth Maul, DG: 
* multi searchers 

* chat op 

* help files 

If you have a problem or compaint about any area within SMR, these are the emails for you to use as well as who the emails will be sent to. Please make sure that you use the proper email to address your query, otherwise it may take longer for you to get a reply. 
* all Admins receive these mails 
* Spock, Azool 
* Darth Maul, DG 
* Nariis 
* Roach 
* Roach, Nariis 
* Trib 
* Blum 

Upcoming Games 

NG4 will be returning Friday, December 6, and the long awaited new Vet game will be opening on Saturday, December 7th. 

As always, we are striving to make a better game, and Trib and his beta test team have been working hard to do just that. These are just some of the changes you will see in the new game. 

The jump drive has been toned down. Now you can only jump through one warp gate at a time. 

The user interface has also received a touchup and is easier to read. 

A new attack code is being introduced as well. 

This new update should clear up most of the bugs that plagued the previous version. As always, if a bug or other problem should pop up, send an email in to<a href=""></a> 

Before the new Vet game is opened, we will be introducing a ten day test game. The purpose of this game is to stress test the new code in all areas. This game will be open to all users, newbies and veterans alike. 

Newbie Trader Hint #1: How To Begin A New Game 

You just joined your first game, so what do you do? First off, use your initial 500 Newbie turns wisely. Don't leave newbie protection early, and don't fall for someone else telling you that you have to drop your newbies for them to help you. 

Different people will tell you different ways to begin a game to use your 500 turns productively. One method is the scout and trade. 

You start the game with no maps, so in order to learn where things are, you will have to scout your galaxy and the other galaxies. This is an easier task if you are lucky enough to join into an alliance early. Other alliance members can share what maps they have with you, and you can share yours with them. As you scout, you'll come across ports of varying sizes. In the scout and trade method, you'd buy a good at one port, then sell it at the next port you come to that buys that good. You just continue repeating the process. 

Another way to use your initial newbie turns effectively is to scout until you come across a decent route. To build up your racial relations quickly, a 1x route is reccommended. A 1x route is two ports that are side by side that you can trade between. Many people will start on a 1x route to quickly max their relations before moving on to a larger route. 

To max your relations quickly, as you trade the 1x, just accept the offered price. You will not gain any experience points for most of the trades, but your relations will be building with each trade. Once you reach the max relations of 1000, you will be able to gain max exp each trade just by accepting the offered price. 

Would you like to see the game improve, and the lag decrease? Donate today to help buy a new server. 

You can find us at 

Your Space Merchant Realms Team


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