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Charles Rector's Weblog; Jul. 15, 2012; By Charles Rector
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banjo225 do you want me to drop into africa so you can take eu?
19 hrs, 3 min ago - for for you? my suggestion, place 1 in africa and attack me with ONLY 4. You can take madagascar from tanz...I will move that way unless I hear from you different. GL
3 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteTesterIt might have been fixed yesterday. What player is trying to use it?
6 days, 19 hrs ago - DeleteTesterSorry. My deadbeat player flagging failed to account for logged in players. Should be fixed now. Force turn on this game to fix it I think.
7 days, 16 hrs ago - DeleteTesterIE should be fully working now.
7 days, 16 hrs ago - you want me to move out of asia into na with bowz? Then you can control the world.
12 days, 0 hrs ago - Deletebanjo881...yes,that will happen. Even though you did force a turn on us attempting to take one of us out?
12 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteBowseryes, you will be third....
13 days, 11 hrs ago - DeleteBowserthanks
17 days, 8 hrs ago - DeleteBowser225, my only hope is for you to let me into na. otherwise, shadow will have me since slb has forfeited and is no longer a problem, what do you think?
18 days, 11 hrs ago - DeleteTesterSorry. That was a problem with the data import. It was my mistake. 

Shouldn't happen again. If it happens more than once in a game please let me know.
21 days, 19 hrs ago - Deletebanjo225...take na 

25 days, 12 hrs ago - DeleteMedicuswhy? red is dead, game is over
27 days, 22 hrs ago - DeleteMedicus? I'm ally. 2nd for You
28 days, 1 hrs ago - DeleteHighKiteGame #684200 
Turn Rate: 72 hours 
Number of Players: 5 
Game Pass Key: 89924916 

28 days, 10 hrs ago - Deletebanjo880...ouch, I thought you would hit peru with more armies so I tried sacrificing that direction and ended up taking you out. SA is yours on this round....sorry
32 days, 22 hrs ago - Deletebanjo880...attack argentina with only 3 and you should have it, ok?
33 days, 13 hrs ago - Deletebanjo880...attack argentina with only 3 and you should have it, ok?
33 days, 13 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 879 
i would prefer that we all just play for ourselves for now 
thanks for the offer though and good luck 
note: i will not make my move for at least 24 hours from now, giving you time to adjust your moves in case you thought i was going to ally with you 
39 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteMedicusok. take SA. good luck
39 days, 7 hrs ago - Deletebanjo224..the force has been sitting there waiting for you. I will move out of the way if you go that way this move. I will wait to finish my move till I have heard from you. Attack greenland this turn, ok?
39 days, 22 hrs ago - Deletebanjo224...didnt you say you were moving north out of na? I am getting out of your way and coming behind you. thought you would be in quebec by now.
40 days, 18 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224..let banjo have na, ok
41 days, 11 hrs ago - Deletebanjo876, red is actually stronger than yellow. I will keep him at bay for a bit.
41 days, 20 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224..attack madagascar with only 3, my attack out will suicide my armies. gl with africa
41 days, 23 hrs ago - Deletebanjo876...take will need it
42 days, 21 hrs ago - Deletebanjo876...see, it worked perfectly. Now go ahead and take na and this will be short order time.
43 days, 23 hrs ago - are my thoughts. You can easily have africa if you do the following...Place one armie is madagascar and then attack me in south africa from madagascar with ONLY 4. Then if you move your brazil armies to columbia, I will attack out of algeria to brazil. If you attack algeria from congo, I will already be out of your way. I will move my mexico armies to east us. Go ahead and attack mexico from columbia and you will be able to move your sa armies into na... 
I will block in aussie.... 
44 days, 17 hrs ago - Deletebanjolol....medicus teams also....that is too funny
44 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteMedicus878 banjo and bowser are team. Blue and Green, Kill Bowser at first 

45 days, 8 hrs ago - Deletebanjo878, sorry mate, I back bowz here
45 days, 14 hrs ago - DeleteBowser877...agreed
47 days, 0 hrs ago - DeleteBowser877, we can give you third if you wish
47 days, 15 hrs ago - Deletebanjo876..go ahead and take asia if you wish
48 days, 21 hrs ago - Deletebanjo876...aussie and na look pretty interesting for you. my only play is to set armies to block in sa and then try and sneak in from up above
54 days, 16 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224...take algeria, i will sneek behind you
61 days, 12 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224...take algeria, i will sneek behind you
61 days, 12 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_872 
AU forces heading north on a one way trip 
NA is yours, i am attacking everything in to Pevek 
Hopefully i get SA and hold while you destroy the world !!! 
We are in trouble, but still able to win this one
62 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224 attacking eastern eu from egypt
63 days, 0 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224 can you attack south africa with 7 please. then banjo can attack also and africa will be taken...can I help you?
64 days, 15 hrs ago - DeleteBowser224..attacking egypt heavy. if you guys weaken the others there, I intend to take africa.
65 days, 4 hrs ago - Deletebanjo224...lets work together here guys...bowz and crec
65 days, 18 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 872 
AU is yours, NA should be yours soon 
SA and AF will be mine 
I will flood my guys into Northern Territory and then into Asia if you like (advise if you want other), and i will sit still in AU (advise if you want me to do something else) 
good luck to us
66 days, 21 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 872 
OK, i will align with you for this tourney - please remind me before games and i will keep your message new as well 
NOTE: Banjo/Bowser are playing together in 872 - i hope we get the pleasure of meeting them
67 days, 13 hrs ago - Deletebanjonot sure what happened there friend
69 days, 22 hrs ago - DeleteBowser872..yes,because I am with my old friend, lostboy
75 days, 3 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
i am attacking mexico and trying to hold NA 
Also, i have added what little i can to thailand to slow red in Asia - but my hope is small that i can hold him 
Luck to you in SA and AU, well done by the way last turn
79 days, 15 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
we have trouble my friend 
yellow will get Europe, i can not stop him 
Please attack your northern territory armies at Quebec (all 4, i will counter) 
AU and SA are yours, Asia troubles me greatly 
Best of luck to us, we will need it this round 

83 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
lookes like you get to go for Australia or SA, your choice 
I will work toward NA for now and we will see how it plays out 
This one might be a litle tough
85 days, 3 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
we have worked together in the prior 2 games and i would like to work together in this one as well, but we have not formaly said that the entire tourney we would work together 
I would be happy to ally in this round. 
let me know either way please 

85 days, 21 hrs ago - is real easy. there is a sequence of attacks. The countries are numbered. 1 attacks first given the same amount of armies in the attack. Believe me, it works well. You would have had na in the first move without a problem.
87 days, 23 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862...tell me where you want to go here since you now have the power. If you want to punch through sa and into africa, I can take it behind you...your call. 

88 days, 20 hrs ago - the problem was that you attacked with two many armies. If you would have attacked with 4, you would now have na and then you would have had the strength to take this game in short order. oh, well, maybe next time I need to be more specific. 
88 days, 20 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862...all you can hope is that I can distract him down in sa enough. he has the numbers to come at you if he uses all of his armies. attack east us from somewhere else and reinforce mexico with what you can. I will place all in sa and see what I can do to hold him off for a turn or two.
90 days, 0 hrs ago - did not follow my orders. if you would have attacked from mexico with 4, you would have had east us. I did not tell you to put extra armies in, merely to shirt others. the premise is this. I attack mexico with 4. You have 9 there so I lose all of my armies. Mexico attacks after east us, so I would only have 1 army in east us and you easily take it. Do you understand that now? It works off of who attacks first. Bowz and I do this all of the time and when done right, it always works. 
90 days, 0 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862....listen carefully and move as I state and na will be yours in the first move, ok. First move columbia to mexico. Then move west us to quebec. Attack mexico to east us. I will be attacking first and it will be yours... then attack quebec to ontario....same thing will happen. Then take greenland with a sizeable army from northern terretories and na is yours....guaranteed unless he places enough armies to block you in greenland. Dont think he will...he will probably go for aussie. make sure these attacks come from where I ask....ok? you understand how the numberign system works now, right. You place your curser over the country and look at the lower part of the screen...the number will tell you the attack sequence given the same amount of armies in the attack.
90 days, 11 hrs ago - Deletebanjo868...attacking algeria with 21
92 days, 17 hrs ago - Deletebanjo868...thinking of dropping down from greenland to block for you. where do you think I can help the best
92 days, 23 hrs ago - Deletebanjo868...weakened algeria for you...he is all yours
94 days, 12 hrs ago - Deletesexyjessthanks for the invite! But I don't play elements...:-( sorry
96 days, 0 hrs ago - DeleteCassiereThanks
96 days, 4 hrs ago - Deletebanjo222..are you blocking for me or planning on taking aussie? 
99 days, 15 hrs ago - Deletebanjo868...attacking greenland and siberia

99 days, 18 hrs ago - Deletebanjo868...i can take eu if you allow it. 

100 days, 14 hrs ago - Deletebanjo861...deleted your intentions by mistake. where are you going here.
100 days, 23 hrs ago - Deletebanjo861...the problem was that you attacked from the wrong country. If you scan across the countries and look at the bottom lower part of the screen, you will see which country attacks first. If you would have attacked from new guinia, you would have had queensland. I would have expended my armies against yours, then your counter attack would take them. Understand now?
101 days, 15 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_Large 222 
i agree that shadowcat is a threat to my southern border, but i am attacking Asia because i can. If you had Asia, it could get me in danger - nowhere to expand.
103 days, 21 hrs ago - Deletebanjo861..if you place one in new guinea and attack queensland with only 4, it shall be yours...ok?
105 days, 18 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862 all of mine are in na but i cannot hold him...can you attack him from pevek to alaska? thanks
105 days, 18 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862...I am attacking japan with my armies in asia...take asia if you can thus giving you the strength to best take the game unless you see some other advantage. 
107 days, 21 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862 you need to grow
109 days, 13 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864...shadowcat nearly has this one locked up. He will have na in a couple of rounds and we will be defenseless there unless I can take eu by chance. not looking good 

ok, I sent this to shadow by mistake. so, he knows somewhat of our strategy. Seems I will have to play a bit different here
112 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864...yes, I did. One of us has to grow for the other to survive. That is the goal for both of us to make it to the next round. I have played these games for nine + years and you can see by my numbers that I know what I am doing. I was a admin in the early games and was taught by the likes of Bryan himself in the art of the larger games. At one time, I was considered the, they just think I am a cheat.....I am actually considering bowing out in the future. Where are you from, Crector? Oregon here.
112 days, 23 hrs ago - DeletepcrexMedium #841 - clear "no ally", thanks :)

115 days, 13 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864...please attack east eu from austria. thanks
115 days, 14 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864...going to just have to move before they force the turn. We will deal with this next turn.
115 days, 14 hrs ago - DeletepcrexMedium #841: Thanks but game is just starting :)
115 days, 19 hrs ago - Deletebanjo222..sure, am a bit tied up in aussie but will work with you if I can
115 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864...if you attack me in those two countries, my counter attacks should give me the area thus giving us a continent to work from. Your attack will be first and will deplete your armies thus allowing my counter to take them. 

Ah Santa. I am a bit surprised there as he was one who would chastise me for making alliances. 
116 days, 0 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
Alaska attack was beacuase i was leaving NA for you. I will cease movement in NA from now on 
True that not needed, but you can have NA if you like
116 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864 can you attack scandinavia from austria with 4 and attack iran from eukraine with 4. Can I help you in sa? If you put a couple in brazil and then attack down at me with 3, it should be yours. Let me know if this works for you.
116 days, 11 hrs ago - DeleteBowser864 Banjo says you are trustworthy. Would you like to work together. What I can promise is to stick with you till the last game. Agreed?
117 days, 14 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
NA is yours - i am attakcing alaska & iceland with 4 each 
i am playing Asia as well as keeping him outa Africa 
well done - we look good in this one
117 days, 21 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
attacking Ukraine & Algeria 
you can have what ever you want from me in Asia if you like
118 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
attacking kazachstan this turn - will flood into EU asap 
i am also causing a little more trouble in SA 
let me know aything you want me to do in NE asia
119 days, 19 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
i am going at Kazacstan and into europe asap 
Also, i am attacking ural and china to move them out 
And, i delayed yellow in SA a little - should i continue to do so ? 
let me know anything elso you see
121 days, 4 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
OK, next round has begun and our starting position ain't so hot 
I will try for AU early 
Looks like Yellow to SA and Orange will go for Africa 
What can i do to help you ? 

121 days, 14 hrs ago - Deletebanjo863...shadowcat can go first, my friend. I have always given bowz first go. He is an awsome partner and great player.
121 days, 20 hrs ago - Deletebanjo862...yellow seems to be our biggest danger...I am going up in na but may need some assistance 

123 days, 20 hrs ago - you want africa?
124 days, 17 hrs ago - Deletebanjo861...crap, I am sorry. I am out of eu....bad form. I will go out before you, promise.
128 days, 21 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
well played, i hope to work with you in the next round 
keep in touch

136 days, 13 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
i am attacking mexico with 3 
AU is yours if you want - i am attacking thailnad with 8 
i am dumping hard in middle east and attacking Africa 
EU i am leaving open if you want to advance there
137 days, 0 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 
sounds good, i am leaving europe as well if you want iceland 

137 days, 20 hrs ago - DeleteVkings_medium 860 
it has seemed that bowser and banjo have worked together quite often in the past on these type games - i am not sure they are doing the same this time. 
Either way, AU is yours. I will be transfering out asap - keep in touch please
138 days, 3 hrs ago - Deletegrillo94sorry but I have to attack you
150 days, 20 hrs ago - Deletegrillo94ok 
together against black
161 days, 17 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatNumber 1-Ratings go up and down...don't worry, mine will be higher than yours 95% of the time. Mine is actually low for me right now. 
2-You are a moron, and the fact that you waited until the exact moment your rating was higher to let me know makes you pathetic in addition to being a moron. 
3-You latch on to stronger players, because without alliances you have zero chance of winning, which btw you don't do very much. 
4-My record reflects me winning about half of my games where yours has you winning about 1 out of 7. I imagine a leech like you probably gets second alot though by riding people until the end of the game. 
5-And most importantly,you are a dramatic loser.

178 days, 15 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatWe'll see about that.
206 days, 4 hrs ago - Deleteshadowcat"You will come to regret the day you so cavalierly decided to stab me in the back". 

Really? Little dramatic aren't you. 

You had Asia and Sa and I had Europe, Africa, and Austrailia and you still decided to drop the game. Maybe because even with that I was about to show you how much better I am than you. Honestly, even if our roles were flipped I would have taken you out because you make moronic moves. Look at my record and look at me I was doing you a favor by letting you play with me. I tried to be nice at first in regards to your little dramatic whining but keep this up and I will make a point of really screwing you over.
208 days, 2 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatIf that's 841 you are referring to, you offered for me to move my troops from australia to NA which I declined because it would cause you to lose your Asia bonus if I travelled through it. I figured it would be a better idea to go for NA without you sacraficing a bonus. You clearly had the game won and offered me to go in NA anyway, but if you're calling off all alliances with me at this point then it really is fine sorry for any inconvenience. Good luck in the future.
208 days, 10 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatMed 841-Thats fine Ill stay in Austrailia. I dont have much going on in this round so lets just take them out.
216 days, 21 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatI'm sorry about Large 216. You and I have so many games together and so many deals I kind of screwed up. I looked back over my messages and saw that we indeed are working together in this one too. I made a deal with Brown in that game to just not attacK him in SA if he held off whoever was in NA from getting it. So I do have to honor that but will have to nail him coming from NA. Sorry again, I truly never break my word in this game and I will be more careful in the future.
218 days, 16 hrs ago - Deleteshadowcatmed 842 sounds good I'm going for europe this turn 

221 days, 12 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatMed 841-Sounds good. I'll do my best keeping them from Alaska and Europe.
223 days, 23 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatMed 841-Im going to send my asia armies to europe to hold off orange in europe. Maybe you can use your troops in europe to stop yellow from taking NA.
225 days, 16 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatMed 841- Pact sounds good. I'm kind of in a bad spot though. I blew alot of troops in africa early...I thought orange would be going for europe only. I'll move my troops out of Asia for you to have. Any chance of me getting austrailia? I think I would be more helpful if I was getting at least that continent bonus.
225 days, 16 hrs ago - Deleteshadowcatmed 823-after we argued with arbcm we told each other to take him out first for being a pain in the ass. But get ready because you and I are going to have to hit him hard very shortly and I have alot in reserve.

261 days, 12 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatAgreed 

267 days, 15 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatLarge 216 Non aggression pact also. Sounds good.
269 days, 0 hrs ago - DeletejceragioliM796 - I just wanted you to stay contained, I plan on giving you second, but I did not want to ahve to focus on you moving out and spreading in africa. That is why I asked you to just stay in madagasgar.
282 days, 22 hrs ago - DeletejceragioliM796 - just stay in madagasgar, please. 
290 days, 22 hrs ago - DeleteshadowcatLarge 215-Yes I'll take SA and you can go for NA without any trouble from me at all.
293 days, 15 hrs ago - Deleteskirmisherokay ill let you leave :)
326 days, 4 hrs ago - DeletemistassiniLet's go for an alliance.
360 days, 20 hrs ago - DeleteTantor195...I'm going through you in might want to find a second country now.
1 yrs, 19 days ago - DeleteKikkI don't normally do NAPS unless it is stated clearly in game chat before the round starts.
1 yrs, 106 days ago - Deletemizz_undaztood01Would you like to move your troops out to Greenland and then into Europe? Or would you rather stay in NA?
1 yrs, 110 days ago - DeleteNerono pact I was just telling you that so you had a choice knowing where i was gonna place. now that you chose sa we both have small footholds and chances to win. gl 

1 yrs, 180 days ago - DeleteNeroMedium 775 I will be placing in Australia. So unless you want us both to have an early demise, I suggest South America. Just some useful information.
1 yrs, 183 days ago - Deleteskirmisher768 - alliance against orange?
1 yrs, 217 days ago - DeleteSANTANo I don't really have much time right now ;-)
1 yrs, 349 days ago - Deletejking1809you want to play with us real quick, first time i've played so easy win for you 

1 yrs, 360 days ago - DeleteSANTA174 

Are you moving into iceland so that I can take NA ???
2 yrs, 74 days ago - DeleteSANTAHow should we do it in Large 174 bro ???
2 yrs, 80 days ago - DeleteBowser188...if we call a truse at the eu/asia border it will be better or both of us...what say you?
2 yrs, 114 days ago - DeleteSANTA5 hrs, 30 min ago crector: In Large #179, would it be all right with you if I took South Africa so that I may control all of Africa? - [Delete] 
Yep ofcourse mate ;-)
2 yrs, 136 days ago - DeleteBlankita

ok, i will focus in europe, good luck
2 yrs, 177 days ago - DeleteSANTA176 

I'll move my armies out of NA ;-)
2 yrs, 177 days ago - DeleteSANTA15 hrs, 5 min ago crector: In Large #176, I'm focusing in on North America and South America while using my Asia units to kamikaze into Australia to pave your way for your future conquests there. - [Delete] 

Sounds great bro ;-)
2 yrs, 177 days ago - DeleteBlankita
Yes, an alliance between you and me makes sense in m676.
2 yrs, 179 days ago - DeleteSANTAI forfeit 171 ;-)
2 yrs, 183 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 176 

Take Iran from India and move into Europe 

From China you can attack Kazakhstan with your 4 Units cause I'm attack from there into Ural with more ;-) 

Unless you wish to take over Australia ??? 

Let me know ;-) 

ALSO in other games bro cause we talk too little about WHAT we do ;-) 

Take care
2 yrs, 183 days ago - DeleteSANTA4 hrs, 34 min ago crector: Since you had 4 more armies than I did, I resigned in your favor. 

In any event, why have you not been entering any new games? - [Delete] 

I have had so much on my mind these last days of the Year so I haven't had time to play much so didn't wanna get envolved in more games than already playing ;-) 

Perhabs I'll join more later ;-) 

Happy New Year ;-)
2 yrs, 186 days ago - Deletemetal_thunderIn Medium 660-19, go to africa, I'll allow you, so you could figth against yellow
2 yrs, 188 days ago - DeleteSANTATake over Asia in 176 bro ;-)
2 yrs, 207 days ago - DeleteSANTA6 hrs, 14 min ago crector: Noticed that you were gone from the game for 2 weeks. Was it illness or comp problems or vacation? Anyways, welcome back! - [Delete] 

No no bro I just haven't had time but now I'm back again *hehe* 

And thanx ;-) 

Take care
2 yrs, 219 days ago - DeleteSANTATournament - Large #174 

I forfeit since I was first in the last game in this tournament ;-)
2 yrs, 249 days ago - DeletedcraftiLarge #172 - Game 13: Kaseijin is planning on attacking you heavily this turn.
2 yrs, 254 days ago - DeleteSANTA1 hrs, 38 min ago crector: I don't see your name on the list for Large #181 and on your Player Info page, that game is not there. - [Delete] 


Now it does ;-)
2 yrs, 254 days ago - DeleteSANTANow I am ;)
2 yrs, 255 days ago - DeleteSANTA9 hrs, 54 min ago crector: In Large #174, Game 11, I'm invading Mongolia. Also, could I plz evacuate my Middle East force by way of Iran and Kaz? Also, why have you not taken over my areas in Africa, now that I've vacated the premises? - [Delete] 

Sure bro you can attack Iran and Kaz ;-) I will take my units from Japan and go South so you can take over Mongolia ;-) 

I'll try to take out Bowser
2 yrs, 263 days ago - DeleteSANTA2 hrs, 41 min ago crector: In Large #174, I'm pulling out of Egypt and having my force in Madagascar attack Tanzania with the idea of subsequently moving through Egypt and then out of Africa so that you can take over all of Africa. - [Delete] 

Sounds fine bro but what should we do about the Green Player ??? 

He's going to be trouble if he gets NA ;-) 

Or Bowser in Australia ;-)
2 yrs, 271 days ago - DeleteSANTA8 hrs, 39 min ago crector: I just signed up for Large #179 and saw that you have not signed up for it yet. - [Delete] 

Joined it now ;-)
2 yrs, 276 days ago - DeleteSANTA157 

Green is coming for me now so there's nothing I can do mate ;-)
2 yrs, 281 days ago - DeleteSANTA13 hrs, 12 min ago crector: Just wondering, but have you abandoned Large #157 Game 15? - [Delete] 


No no no I haven't BUT I have so little to attack with that I won't move until getting attacked ;-) 

Do you want me to try to take over SA ???
2 yrs, 282 days ago - DeleteSANTA176 

Plz take over Siberia so I can go around you into Asia ;-)
2 yrs, 287 days ago - DeleteSANTA172 

I have to take Ukraine to get away ;-)
2 yrs, 288 days ago - DeleteSANTA173 

I'm taking Alaska and you should take Greenland since you have the most units 

Kaseijin - 55(13) is winning BUYT we still have a chance IF we make a deal with him ;-) 

YOU have to make the deal bro cause I'm too drunk ;-) 

Take care
2 yrs, 290 days ago - DeleteSANTA9 hrs, 34 min ago crector: Large #173: Except for Japan, I'll focus my efforts on North America so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. - [Delete] 

Hmmmmmmm I'll see what I can do to keep alive in Asia then ;-)
2 yrs, 291 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 176 

WHAT do we do to get on in that tournament both of us ??? 

You have to go into Algeria (Which is yours) and then into Europe cause Slymbal won't attack NA cause then he WOULD have done it already ;-)
2 yrs, 293 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 173 

Attack East US so I can travel to Columbia and then take Iran aswell with 4 or do you have some other idea with the game ???
2 yrs, 295 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge #171 - Game 12 

skids32 6th Place (Score Expected = 0.48, Score = 0, Rating Change = -72) 
troglodita 5th Place (Score Expected = 0.33, Score = 0.2, Rating Change = -20) 
( o Y o ) 4th Place (Score Expected = 0.48, Score = 0.4, Rating Change = -12) 
banjo 3rd Place (Score Expected = 0.6, Score = 0.6, Rating Change = 0) 
crector 1st Place (Score Expected = 0.47, Score = 1, Rating Change = 79) 
SANTA 2nd Place (Score Expected = 0.63, Score = 0.8, Rating Change = 25) 

2 yrs, 297 days ago - DeleteSANTA171 

Take Asia even if it doesn't matter bro ;-)
2 yrs, 301 days ago - DeleteSANTA173 

I'm only attacking in SA 
2 yrs, 302 days ago - DeleteSANTAIn 173 

Let's taæl about WHAT we do cause we are close to eachother all around ;-)
2 yrs, 302 days ago - DeleteSANTAIn 174 

Could you take over Pevek so that you leave NA ???
2 yrs, 302 days ago - DeleteSANTAI see mate ;-) 

Hope you get your Comp problems solved ;-) 

Take care
2 yrs, 303 days ago - DeleteSANTAWhy the hell haven't you taken Brazil bro ??? 

Game 171 Large ofcourse
2 yrs, 304 days ago - DeleteSANTA3 hrs, 40 min ago crector: Thanks for the ride! 

Large #171 - Game 1 
Turn Rate: 72 hours 
Number of Players: 8 
Pass Key: 

SANTA 1st Place (Score Expected = 0.44, Score = 1, Rating Change = 84) 
ChrisIsCool 7th Place (Score Expected = 0.45, Score = 0.14, Rating Change = -46) 
ookr 4th Place (Score Expected = 0.44, Score = 0.57, Rating Change = 19) 
crector 2nd Place (Score Expected = 0.36, Score = 0.86, Rating Change = 74) 
shadowcat 5th Place (Score Expected = 0.5, Score = 0.43, Rating Change = -11) 
Bowser 6th Place (Score Expected = 0.8, Score = 0.29, Rating Change = -78) 
banjo 3rd Place (Score Expected = 0.61, Score = 0.71, Rating Change = 15) 
mercator 8th Place (Score Expected = 0.38, Score = 0, Rating Change = -57) - [Delete] 

Anytime bro *hehe*
2 yrs, 317 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 157 

I'm taking Scandinavia
2 yrs, 322 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge # 157 

We have to take out Purple to be sure we can advance in the tournament bro ;-)
2 yrs, 322 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 172 

You should start taking Asia away from me by moving a few Units into Kazakhstan so you get a little bit more units every turn ;-) 

After Kazakhstan you can take a few every turn so when I take Australia you can take over the entire Asia ;-)
2 yrs, 332 days ago - DeleteSANTAThanx
2 yrs, 332 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 172 

I'm moving into Thailand to take out the Purple Player in Australia ;-) 

Plus attacking the Brown which has 8 units in Europe
2 yrs, 336 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 173 

Can I attack Alaska to take over NA ???
2 yrs, 336 days ago - DeleteSANTA3 days, 7 hrs ago crector: FYI: In Large #172, I'm invading both Mongolia & Scandinavia. My advice to you is to focus on South America for the time being. - [Delete] 
No problem ;-) 
I'm just more worried about what the Purple Player could do to you ;-)
2 yrs, 346 days ago - DeleteSANTAI'm leaving on a 10 day vacation tomorrow mate so I'll cya again in Week 30 ;-) 

Take care
3 yrs, 5 days ago - DeleteSANTA15 hrs, 29 min ago crector: In Large #171, I'm attacking Iran. Just to let you know in order to avoid any accidents. - [Delete] 

No problem there bro ;-) 

I'll try to take over Europe
3 yrs, 6 days ago - DeleteSANTAWell it looks like I'm gonna have trouble with ookr - 41(4) in Africa so I'll see what I can do to prevent Green from taking over Europe to help you out there bro ;-)
3 yrs, 13 days ago - DeleteSANTA6 hrs, 47 min ago crector: In #171, I'm pulling out of Algeria and am focusing for now on preventing Green from taking over Europe. - [Delete] 


3 yrs, 13 days ago - DeleteSANTAWe are in 171 but are you moving out of Algeria ??? 

I'll try to take over Africa ;-)
3 yrs, 15 days ago - DeleteSANTA1 days, 17 hrs ago crector: I've signed up for Large #171, so I should be in a tournament game with you soon. - [Delete] 
Nice enough bro ;-)
3 yrs, 15 days ago - DeleteSANTALast Game in Tournament with us ;-) 
Game 11 
1. Bowser 
2. checksout 
3. TimmyF 
5. crector 
6. urpola 

This Game : 
Large #163 - Game 22 

crector 1st Place (Score Expected = 0.4, Score = 1, Rating Change = 90) 

SANTA 2nd Place (Score Expected = 0.51, Score = 0.8, Rating Change = 44) 

3 yrs, 18 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 162: 
Game 1 
1. Bowser 
2. banjo 
3. Gigliotti Gurl 
4. Hunta 
6. crector 
7. detkid 
8. Kikk 

That's why you are given the win in this Game 18 bro ;-)
3 yrs, 32 days ago - DeleteSANTA7 hrs, 59 min ago crector: In Large #162, would it be possible for you to move your army in Greenland down the east coast of North America so that I can move from Europe into NA? - [Delete] 
3 yrs, 38 days ago - DeleteSANTA#162 / 18 

Take over Europe and take out the Blue player urpola - 3(2)
3 yrs, 48 days ago - DeleteSANTA25 min, 5 sec ago crector: Thank you for #120! - [Delete] 

Well I was given the first place in the game before so it was your turn bro *LOL* 

Have a great weekend ;-)
3 yrs, 48 days ago - DeleteSANTALarge 129 
Game 30 
1. crector 
3. Steve Dallas Phd 
4. Lion-Heart 
5. masalex 
6. One_Eye_Ram 

Congratz on the tournament win bro *hehe*
3 yrs, 49 days ago - DeleteSANTA9 hrs, 24 min ago crector: In #162, I have all the blue Asian countries except China & Kaz as well as Ukraine. Have not had much playing time lately, but will try to make up for it. - [Delete] 

But YOU have Ukraine right ?
3 yrs, 53 days ago - DeleteSANTA5 days, 20 hrs ago crector: In Large #162, all of the blue Asian countries are mine while all of the blue Asian countries are his. In the move after this one, I'm going to invade Ukraine with the force that's now in the Middle East. - [Delete] 

Which does he have now bro ??? 

urpola - 20(6) 

Did he just attack China and have 7 units there and 6 in Kaz ??? 

Then you have the 14 in Ukraine ???
3 yrs, 53 days ago - Delete

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