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Charles Rector's Weblog; Mar. 19, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Hi there! Just a quick note to update you on the progress of the upcoming games from Positech Games! We have two games currently in development, one is developed in-house (Democracy 3) and the other is being developed by fellow indies 'the tiniest shark' (Redshirt).
In case you aren't aware, Democracy 3 is our turn-based political strategy game. it's a reworking and updated version of a game we made a while ago, and you can check out the changes between older versions and the current one in these two development videos describing the game:

And also here: 
In other news, we will be publishing another turn based strategy game, this time the sci-fi life-sim game 'Redshirt', best described by designer Mitu Khandaker in this video:
( Also, it's probably worth mentioning our website at has been compeltely re-designed, as has my blog at

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