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Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #33

Charles Rector's Weblog; Mar. 27, 2013; By Charles Rector
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Dear Players,

A new Space Merchant Realms round is coming this weekend, and the winds of change are blowing.
Round 63: Starburst (Regular)The new round, Starburst, marks the 53rd regular round of Space Merchant Realms, and is slated to begin this Sunday (February 10th)! Brute force and sheer numbers have been replaced with speed, cunning and skill, as alliance caps have been limited to 9 veterans and 3 newbies. Jouldax’s newest creation features a unique design with 1 racial, 2 neutral and 4 planet galaxies designed with maximum connectivity and an element of strategic planning in mind. 4 additional neutral galaxies will be released during the course of play to spice up the round and add more routes. The combat code has been changed once again from 2v2 to 3v3 to enhance the action, and planets have been capped at level 40. Age old alliances will be broken, new elite units will be formed. Will you start carving out your legacy in this new era?

Click on the map below to see a larger image or goto
Starburst Map 
Round 61: (Free for All)A new FFA game is also being introduced this weekend. Teams of 2 will now be permitted in the first iteration of the Galactic Games. The first round features an intriguing Jouldax design entitled “The Pit.” 8 small racials circle a neutral funnel that offers 4 entrances into “the pit.” Unique features of the game include level 9 ports which can only be found in the pit’s dead ends and 12 dead-end paths inside the pit for the brave to try and mine or even park in. Of course, the galactic games wouldn’t be much of a game without winners and prizes! The first team(s) to reach a combined 50 kills and/or 2 billion credits will be declared victorious (both conditions must be met by at least one team for the round to end; conditions may be subject to change depending on activity in the round; end of fine print/use of car commercial voice). In addition to eternal glory, the galactic council will bestow upon the victors a number of SMR credits as a token of respect and admiration.

Click on the map below to see a larger image or goto
The Pit FFA Map 
Round 64: New Players/Training Round (Newbie)We will also run a new player game designed to help new players or rusty returning vets practice their skills. The map will be redesigned to allow more low level ports (for port raid practice) and will resemble the regular round more closely. There is one large racial, one neutral and one planet galaxy.
Bouncer will be available for help as needed. 

Key ChangesThree primary coding changes were implemented for the next round beyond upping fleet combat to 3v3:

  • Council sizes have been reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Vote times have been reduced from 72 to 48 hours.
  • Planet building times now scale from faster to slower (early builds go faster, later builds go slower so planets can be built up to defensible levels more quickly).
  • Planet vs Player combat has been modified to more accurately give an advantage (lower planet accuracy) for higher level players participating.

All 4 changes should add some nice strategic elements to the game and enhance the overall playing experience. We’ve come a long way this year and we’re only into February. Come and join us for some exciting new rounds and be prepared for even more exciting changes on the horizon as we move closer to SMR v2!Help Needed!If you like what you see, then volunteer to make it happen soon! Space Merchant Realms needs new coders and graphic designers the more members of the community that participate the sooner we can launch Space Merchant Realms v2!

Remember Space Merchant Realms is Open Source! SMR has been released under the GPLv3 licence: ( We are also considering a bounty based system for all volunteer coders. Any questions concerning open source and related items should be directed to Page or RCK. We look forward to some new coders helping to improve SMR!

See you in game!

Thank you,

The SMR Administration Team

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